limited seats at Bedini-Lindemann event June 30 & July 1

I’m excited about the practical information — meaning info about how to have real energy independence — that we’ll be hearing on June 30 and July 1 in Hayden, Idaho.  John Bedini and Peter Lindemann don’t fool around with fluffy topics, so I know  they’ve put together a conference where hands-on experimenters — and all who attend to learn — will really get their money’s worth and more. They’re only seating 150 people, so it’s a good idea to register as soon as possible.  Here’s a link.

I’ll be giving an overview talk, with Powerpoint slides, as more of a historian and non-techie who has interviewed dozens of scientists and engineers in the “free energy” scene for the past thirty years. I want to give a sampling of the rich variety of breakthrough energy inventions and their fascinating history.  Then I can settle back and listen to the here-and-now advice from the technical speakers at the conference who provide the how-to details.


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