Memories of Brian O’Leary

Ever since I drove away from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, where I’d attended the Renaissance-Charge Free Energy Convention, happiness has mingled with sadness in me. The upbeat experiences include news of John Hutchison’s and Nancy’s wedding, visiting with old friends, inventors, researchers on my way home as well as at the conference, and then the exhilaration of swimming in pristine Deer Lake in Washington state.

The sadness came when I learned that Brian O’Leary had left us. Sadness, not for the beautiful soul who is enjoying well-earned adventures in a higher dimension, but for his devoted wife Meredith and the rest of his grieving family. And many others of us who were blessed to know him also suffer the loss. My co-author Joel Garbon, who was chosen by Brian O’Leary to carry on the New Energy Movement in the USA when Brian and Meredith moved to Ecuador in 2004, excised some of his grief by writing a eulogy to Brian.

David Gibbons’ website and others give you full accounts of Brian’s life and accomplishments on the world stage. This is just a personal tribute.

I wish I still had a copy of the unpublished article I wrote about Brian’s life, some months after I met him in 1993. I drafted it on spec for New Age magazine, so that their readers could learn about his courage, nonconformity and visionary thinking (while also being exposed to concepts of emerging energy science and little-known possibilities for transforming our world.) It’s not just any inspiring story; it was extraordinary because he had been at the pinnacle in terms of what Americans valued.

The patriotic former Eagle Scout had earned his Ph.D. in astronomy and had gone through astronaut training for an Apollo mission — would have been on a certain flight if NASA had been funded for the manned mission to Mars — then he went on to teach physics at Ivy League Universities. As a personable, handsome colleague of famous scientists such as Carl Sagan, Brian’s trajectory into fame and fortune could have been predicted to continue.

And then he saw the light of hidden realities, which led him to explore possibilities that eventually led him to knowledge of exotic energy sources. At that time, most learned members of the highly-placed academic community saw only dangers to their prestige if they should dare to glance at such an outside-the-box topic. Either they abruptly and scornfully dismissed it, or they covered their fear of paradigm-change by ridicule.

Brian O’Leary pursued learning no matter where it took him, and as a result he lost financial security and the camaraderie of other Ph.D. scientists that he left behind. He found different kinds of riches, however.

He had co-founded the International Association for New Science when I first met him in Denver. As mentioned above, in the next year I was confident that New Age magazine would publish a well-written profile of Brian which also introduced the breakthrough energy inventions that he was learning about, so I polished the article until it sparkled, or so I like to think.

The editor did give me the courtesy of a phone conversation. The amazing reason for rejecting the article: “We would have to educate our readers.”

What if that editor of a popular magazine had headlined a former astronaut’s search for “free energy” truths? It could have been mentioned on the magazine’s cover visible on news stands, inspiring more youths in the 1990s toward a holistic worldview about energy possibilities. Could the Energy Solution Revolution, as Brian’s essays and book described it, have begun earlier than it did?

Brian O’Leary changed my life

I’m forever grateful to Brian for connecting me to a New York publishing company for my first new-energy book The Coming Energy Revolution (Avery Publishing Group NY, 1996.) We had planned to co-author it, until he clashed with the publisher with whom we’d signed a contract.

Brian had chosen Green Power as a title. He was in Europe at a speaking engagement while I began work on our book, and immediately after he and Meredith returned from Greece we met up again. We were at a private gathering of new-energy researchers and scientists from around the world, in the Stanley Hotel in the Colorado mountains. I had to tell Brian that the publisher had nixed our choice of book title. That news plus jetlag and lost luggage aggravated Brian’s Irish side that day, so he headed off to find a telephone. Meredith and I waited. When he returned to our table, he informed us that he’d had a fight with (publisher) Rudy Shur and was “off the project, but you’re still on, Jeane, and I’ll write your foreword.”

He put a lot of thought into writing it. Two years later, to my dismay when I first viewed the cover of the printed book, I saw that Rudy had omitted the words we’d expected –“Foreword by Brian O’Leary, Ph.D.” — on the book’s cover. Nevertheless, inside the book Brian’s words in that foreword were all there, benefiting readers internationally for years afterward.

Friendship was further forged in the sometimes-difficult process of creating the New Energy Movement and in planning its 2004 conference at Portland State University and Reed College, Oregon. The conference was held around the time that Brian and Meredith decided to move to Ecuador. I treasure memories of board meetings at their riverside home in Oregon, with Meredith creating visionary paintings on the elevated side of the room, my colleagues relaxing on chairs and sofa after a swim in the river or potluck meal, and Brian contributing eloquently to a higher vision of humankind’s future.

Founding that Movement was only one of his many accomplishments, but in my view it is an important legacy. Just this week a young man in Europe announced to his extensive list of contacts that he will form a Breakthrough Energy Movement on that continent. His manifesto echoes the mission statement of the New Energy Movement. We’re unified in determination to help create a better future.

Brian O’Leary, soul brother, I regret that I wasn’t financially able to accept your invitation to visit Vilcabamba – and to see Montesuenos, the beautiful international-meeting-place that you and Meredith established in Ecuador. However I cheered from the sidelines every time you held a gathering or gave an interview. You deserve the best of peace, joy and satisfaction for a life lived with courage — on the high road.



  1. Eustacio A. Grajo says:

    How can I be a member of the New Energy Movement?

    I am a Mechanical Engineer from the Philippines but working outside of the country right now. I may stay for good in my country by early 2012 and hope to be active in the movement from thereon.

    Best regards.


  2. Wow, what a visionary, what a lion-hearted man, Jeane. His passing is a loss to the world.

  3. I learned belatedly today of Brian’s passing to the higher planes of love and beauty.

    Jeane, thank you for your beautiful memories. Brian, along with Gene Mallove, receives an In Memorium at the front of The Return of Prometheus, which includes a chapter by Brian.

    Though I never met Brian, I came to feel a closeness through our many emails. I shall miss him also.

  4. Humanity has lost one of its most fearless and able spokesman.

    Thank you Jeane for your eloquent and very much appreciated remarks.

  5. As one of the early activists in the New Energy Movement and its first Executive Director, I, too, wish to celebrate Brian’s significant contributions to the history of new energy advocacy. He was fearless about speaking the truth about paradigm busting scientific experiments (many of which he witnessed in person)in the face of ignorant scorn heaped upon him by mainstream scientists. And to the end of his life, he continued to call upon leaders and citizens all over the world to support potentially life saving R&D. Unfortunately, too few listened and we are beginning to reap the whirlwind of the disastrous effects of global climate change and other dangers arising out of our suicidal dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear power.

    May Brian enjoy his continuing travels in higher dimensions.

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