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The 12 Golden Keys book (see previous blogpost) uses stories to illustrate key principles — for instance trusting in yourself, or your inner guidance. The story the author asked me to write had to do with a personal turning-point –how I happened to attend a “Gravity-Field Energy Congress” in Hanover, Germany, in 1987. In the picture on the left are two physicists I first met there, Paramahamsa Tewari and the late Stefan Marinov. I’m proud of that photo of their first meeting. Surely history will recognize those pioneers…

At that conference I interviewed “free energy” inventors from Germany and astrophysicist Adam Trombly and other leading zero-point-energy researchers from the USA. I met people who later became helpful allies, such as Toby Grotz.

Here’s the excerpt from what I wrote for M.J.Milne’s book, reprinted here with her permission:

“My turning point came in 1987. Previously I had met an inventor, Bill Muller, who introduced me to a new energy-research field which has potential to clean up our world, make oil wars and power grids obsolete, and enable regional economies of energy abundance. Mainstream media labeled the field “free energy” and ridiculed it as “impossible perpetual motion.”

“But I don’t claim to have perpetual motion machines,” the inventor protested. “I just have a super-efficient magnetic motor/generator.”

However he named his company Pran Technologies. “Prana” describes a universal background energy, a life force. Concepts such as prana and chi were dismissed by western scientists, but the inventor could see no other source for whatever continually replenishes the field around a permanent magnet. Later, others would turn to quantum physics and its “zero-point quantum fluctuations of the vacuum of space” to explain what energizes their unusual energy converters.

All that was a far stretch from my university degree, Sociology. But I’m a journalist with insatiable curiosity and driven to use this lifetime productively. When I learned about the international underground of “free energy” researchers, I decided to write a general book for the public about this fascinating subculture with all its drama.

The problem was that I lacked a strong belief in the importance of my possible contributions. This fact surfaced when I saw my scientist friends preparing to attend a conference in Hanover, Germany. The Pran Tech inventor, Bill Muller, was invited to speak, along with other inventors and scientists whom an author should interview if she was to write a book about quantum-leap new energy systems. The meeting would gather leading lights of the field internationally; I wasn’t even a minor techie. Being unemployed at the time, I also lacked travel funds.

The Muller family made their travel plans and enthused about the scientists they would be meeting. The conference would attract an audience of nearly a thousand, mostly engineers.

One night my perspective did a complete turnaround. Suddenly I heard an insistent message in my head in authoritative tones, “The only thing stopping you from going to Hanover is your belief that you don’t belong there!”

I paid attention, since I had begun to study a spiritual path and was learning to listen for inner guidance. My thinking shifted. If that’s the case, then how might I get there?

Everything fell into place easily. My eldest son lent me the airfare. When I returned after the conference it became obvious how I could quickly repay him; I opened the Vancouver Sun and saw a classified ad for a community newspaper editor in a town where I had connections.

I got the job, wrote the book, served on the board of the New Energy Movement (NEM) and co-founded NEM Canada. Those grassroots organizations, when allied with other world-changing initiatives of the people, could help bring about a more conscious civilization on Earth. Listen to those inner nudges from Spirit!”

—Jeane Manning, author/journalist;

Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven

by power obtainable at any point in the universe…

It is a mere question of time when men will succeed in

attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.

Nikola Tesla

Excerpt reprinted with permission of the publisher of 12 Golden Keys, ISBN 9780073965414  Blue Heron Productions.



  1. Either third law of Newton or thermodynamics requires rethinking.

  2. MICHAEL R. HIMES says:

    What is lacking today are industrialist willing to gamble on an inventors “World Changing inventions”. Nikola Tesla had such a person in Westinghouse and others. Note his drive hit the “Wall” when Ford refused to build electric cars. It was Ford who introduced a new paradigm in manufacturing. From that time forward Statistical Projections on market size and income potential has taken over from speculative captital investmentors…..Ah….But there is hope! National Pride and Support behind manufacture of a product that the rest of the world can not do without. Today, without government backing, the only alternative is to go in search of a nation that has the vision to introduce something new. It used to be Germany and Japan. Is China next? Historically things like airplanes etc. Could levitating aircraft be next and from which country?

  3. Jeane, I love this hopeful post…… your inner voice making you pay attention……how it all began! I so admirew your tenacity and persistence in devoting so many years to the cause of clean and free energy. You rock! And I love the Tesla quote very much!

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on 12 golden keys.


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