My story included in new M.J. Milne book

12 Golden Keys for a New World: Unlocking the Door to Conscious Freedom — Change Your Life, Change Your Planet is the full title of a life-changing book released last month. It’s about changing power by starting with ourselves — reclaiming our power.

While reading the book I experience it as a toolbox for tackling challenges of a world in transition, and a catalyst for reigniting myself. As she says, we’re on a spiritual quest for survival. We can each find our place within the new “world age” in various ways, such as by using the guided exercises. The stories of real people in the book are also inspiring.

It seems the book aims to  help people of all paths or religious backgrounds to prepare for a changed world — and help us discover our place within it. 12 Golden Keys gives strategies for creating your world,  your way.

An excerpt from the book’s media kit:

“What would you do if you were at work and a mysterious person appeared from out of nowhere and told you he had come to reveal secrets about existence and to teach you how to prepare for a new world?”

“When such a ‘teacher’ appeared before M. J. Milne, she chose to listen and ask a lot of questions. As a result, Milne underwent a powerful spiritual awakening. Twenty-five years later, the result is found in her startling book: 12 Golden Keys for a New World: Unlocking the Door to Conscious Freedom—Change Your Life, Change Your Planet (Blue Heron Productions, 2010; ISBN 978-0-9739654-1-4).”

The book’s bottom line is “…live consciously with passion, purpose, and freedom.” So I’m honored to have an anecdote from my own life included as one of the many stories in the book.

Its author M.J. Milne, who’s from Vancouver, BC, has traveled extensively, been a grassroots publicist, published articles, wrote screenplays, and published the popular new-age/science-fiction novel Universal Tides®, and this recent non-fiction book – see it at; e-mail:



  1. Wow, this is cool, Jeane! Book sounds fantastic and so neat that you are in it!!!!

  2. MICHAEL R. HIMES says:

    How often does a “Spirit Guide” pop in out of no where? The issue is this: Would you recognize such an apparition as a messenger for change or simply go with the flow of everyday life? With obvious issues about substantive changes, given the spirit apparition , how do we interpret these inspirations to effect change in our world? First of all, begin a dialogue about issues targeted for change with those positioned to impliment the changes. That may seem a simple matter until you mention the source for the inspiration you are expounding about.
    “That is contraty to all I have been taught,” the reply might be. At this point just vanish and let the idea take root. Have you ever tried herding Cats? They may take a long time to work things out but it does not mean they did not “Get It.”

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