MYT Engine is star of book tour finale

As book tours go, our recent travels in Oregon and California was low-profile in terms of audience numbers but significant in other ways. There is now a firm intention among enough people in the SF Bay area to start a New Energy Movement group there. This blog will post their notice as soon as an organizational meeting is called. Ron Davis, who connected us with the Harvard Club San Francisco and also with our final venue — San Jose State University where he teaches math – is spearheading the NEM project. 

Back to the beginning of our recent travels: Joel Garbon and Portland’s New Renaissance book store clicked with their Breakthrough Power book-signing event. Meanwhile I drove our friend guitarist/songwriter Shawn Gallaway to Ashland, Oregon, where he provided his uplifting songs to the World Puja conference.

I had a rejuvenating vacation for a few days thanks to Asha Deliverance and her comfortable guest room. A flow of interesting folks and talented musicians continually grace her heritage home, across the street from a park where I could walk alongside a creek into town. It was springtime in Ashland.  My friend Abigail Lewis, who had worked for the young entrepreneur/philanthropist/scientist Joe Firmage when I first met her in SF, took me on a picnic in the hills outside Ashland. And we met more people who are Earth’s dedicated helpers when they filled the room at Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library where Joel gave a rousing talk and Shawn Gallaway gave of himself with the songs “New Energy Movement” and “I Choose Love.”   

Because I’m in love with the town and its friendly people I’ve given quite a bit of blog space to Ashland, so I’ll write more concisely to get to the end of this post.

We drove to San Jose on March 30 in two cars. Joel detoured to the airport and picked up fellow presentor and NEC president Sterling Allan for an event organized by Patrick Bailey, a nuclear physicist who has been president of the INE since the late 1990s. He hosted the event at his Masonic Lodge, and we appreciate the helpful efforts of Patrick and his wife Nancy. The turnout for the next event, sponsored by the Harvard alumni group and Gladstone Institute, was a bit larger and the last event, at SJSU, included more young people. After Joel and Sterling gave slide presentations I spoke briefly and was on a short panel discussion. The audience didn’t know it but I was coming down with flu and had been feverish for a couple of days. They were a safe distance from the stage however; no cold germs could float that far. 

I’ll be writing more about the inventor who graciously joined us at SJSU, Raphial Morgado, and his demonstration of his MYT Engine. I thought MYT meant Might Yet Tiny, but it’s Massive Yet Tiny. Tiny in terms of overall size and weight, but massive in “displacement” space inside. A 40 to 1 power-to-weight ratio. He is interested in the retro-fit market — putting it into used cars. Before the demo — of MYT running on compressed air since we were indoors at the university’s engineering auditorium — Raphial spoke from his heart to the students. If any of them end up becoming an inventor, they have been well cautioned and inspired by a fine example of a dedicated inventor. More on this later, here and in my next Report From The Front magazine column.


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