Nature is this inventor’s teacher

al-f-cropd-hitchhiker-11-2016Bee-keeping in bear country is Alan Francoeur’s latest sustainable-living project. We’ll find out how that worked for him…

On the way back from Idaho this month I took a side trip through a remote part of mountainous British Columbia to visit Al and his family, Jan and Sam.

He’s invented several original “exotic energy” concept systems and as well is reviving some original EMA (Ed Gray motor)technologies.

All that while also working toward “self sufficiency now.” The first stage of his future unhooking from the electric grid involves orthodox projects such as gravity fed micro-hydro and solar panels. His ability to find bargains and restore discarded machinery lowers the cost of gathering and assembling such equipment.

He built a greenhouse over Jan’s organic garden, with pipes underground to warm the soil. The pipes carry heat to the house from a detached wood-burning furnace that devours oversize logs from naturally-fallen trees.

This month he erected a wind machine within sight of the house. For fun he’s stringing green Christmas lights in a tree shape up the windmill pole.

As if all that’s not enough to do, he works full-time for the region’s highways department. That pays the mortgage on their mountainside acreage and buys food and homesteading equipment.

Al is grateful for his supportive and equally industrious wife, Jan, and so am I. I’ve known them for decades and I believe Al has much to give to society, including a rare gift for intuiting how aether energy technologies can work. I can’t share what he told me about that in confidence, but can quote from what he posted on his LinkedIn profile online.

“These technologies are related to the functions of Nikola Tesla’s Magnifying Transmitter and Radiant Energy ‘Aether’ and the study of the natural state of magnetism, electricity, gravity, and the relationship between standing waves and longitudinal impulses and radiant energy.”

He wrote that he’s developing “several varieties of original alternative electromagnetic energy systems and reviving technologies associated to high voltage magnetics and energy recovery system known as EMA, Electro Magnetic Association, with original EMA motors and related equipment to be revived as regenerating prime movers.”

I’ll follow this with another post because he gave me permission to show a photo that gives a glimpse of his workshop.

And how did his first year of bee-keeping turn out? I’d say the score is a draw:

Francoeur – 1; bear -1.

Al harvested the golden treasure shortly before the black bear found the bee hive. (I tasted the honey extracted in their kitchen from the honeycombs. It’s a special treat because the bees fed on wildflowers only.)

He seems forgiving about the bear who broke into the hive. The bear was frustrated by having missed the honey harvest, apparently. The bees stung the marauding animal on the nose which made the bear really mad; he then trashed the hive.

Next year Al is upping the stakes by buying multiple hives. But the resourceful inventor plans to build electric wire fencing around them.



  1. Inspirational stuff.
    Looking forward to seeing the workshop in action.

    I’m off to check out Al’s LinkedIn…

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