New Energy Frontier events coming up

If you’re in Oregon or the Bay area from March 27 – April 2, 2009, please spread the word about a series of events titled Breakthrough Power, Embracing the New Energy Frontier.  A Harvard alumni club and a local university group are among the sponsors. Here’s the schedule:

- March 27,

Portland, Oregon,
New Renaissance Bookstore. Book signing for Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World.

- March 28, 7 pm, Ashland, Oregon, Jordan Pease, sponsor, Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library. Presentation by

Joel Garbon with Jeane Manning and with music by recording artist Shawn Gallaway.

In the Bay area, California, there will be presentations by Breakthrough Power co-authors Garbon and Manning as well as Sterling D. Allan, CEO of the New Energy Congress, and Gallaway.

- March 30, 6-9 pm, Palo Alto, CA, (Co-Sponsored by the Institute for New Energy) Venue:

146 Florence Street

, near

University Avenue

3rd floor.

- March 31, 6-9 pm: Harvard Club of

San Francisco
( -Registration required by noon on March 31.  Venue: Gladstone Institute

1650 Owens Street

, near

16th St.
San Francisco


- April 1, The speakers will be traveling to

Fresno to see the Boswell Power Production Unit.

- April 2, 5:30 – 9pm,  
Engineering Auditorium at San Jose State University  Co-sponsor: Golden Key International Honour Society at

San Jose


Engineering 189, near

S. 7th St.

and San Fernando

San Jose, CA



  1. Kirk Miller says:

    Jeane: Thank you for your stubbornly hunting for the real breakthrough in the field of Zero Point Energy. So…you visited Jim Boswell in Fresno. I am a serious inventor/investor/philantrophist who wants to know if he has the goods developed to a point that is practical. Thanks, Kirk Miller

  2. Hi Jeane,

    I’m also curious as to what you know about Mr. Boswell. First and foremost, is he for real?

  3. Gary Sullivan says:

    To: Kirk, Jeane and anyone else who wants to know if the Boswell energy device and fuel less motor is real.
    I am one of the very few who has actually seen Boswells inventions working. This was back in October of 2009. I was also there when Boswell received a threat via a black car pulling up on the side of his home and taking one shot in his direction while yelling some inflammatory remarks. Boswells energy device that I saw was producing over 24KW under a load. It was his newest version. This newest version actually, as I watched it and he explained it to me, uses no consumable resource, does not use any battery, circuits and there is no power coming in at all. By the second week, when I returned, Boswell shut the machine down and it was still producing energy. I asked to check for an external source, even though I could not see anything as Boswell had it completely open. To my surprize, Boswell pulled the whole device away from the area where the digital meter was but the meter was still reading over 20KW. Boswell explained how this was the epitome of ENERGY FROM THE VACUUM! I also witnessed the running of his vehicle motor that uses no oil, water, fuel, battery, hydrogen or anything other than his device powering up to over 800 hp and 650 foot pounds of torque. There will always be skeptics and threats, some of the reasons Boswell has become very cautious and quiet, but I saw it personally.

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