New Energy info missing from Bolivian conference

A longtime environmental activist, Keith Lampe, wrote An Open Letter to the Free Energy Community this week, expressing surprise that “a gathering as well-intentioned as the just-concluded Bolivian climate one (organized to give a podium to indigenous peoples of the world) could simultaneously be so poorly informed.”Offering to pay part of their expenses, he had tried to get representatives of the new-energy community to attend, but none were available to travel to Bolivia.
The urgency? Last December he had critiqued the officials’ gathering in Copenhagen, Denmark. “Even the brightest climate commentators there — even the most broadly adulated and widely published ones — are totally unaware, or, worse, pretend to be, of the major climate developments of the past three decades…” He blamed the dominant culture, since the Copenhagen gathering “had been from the beginning so tightly controlled by Occidentals.” To change that, Lampe suggests disbanding the United Nations and replacing it with a whole-planet organization composed of bioregions.
The next month he wrote an open letter to Evo Morales in hopes that his points can be discussed thoroughly at the World People’s Conference. This week Lampe reports that “It’s monumentally ironic that the conference would call for technology transfers that ‘must not be subject to profit, nor commercialization’, yet itself have utterly no knowledge of free energy.” Just as in Copenhagen, all the bright articulate climate commentators/activists who attended and made speeches or did interviews were silent about non-conventional energy alternatives available as replacements for coal and oil. “As though all of them were still trapped inside Harvey Wasserman’s Solartopia or some such.”
Lampe sees an urgent need for the new-energy community to come up with specific proposals, for example as a reply to his friend in China who is resisting a joint Chinese-Australian plan to “build the world’s largest ‘energy plant using a new technology that will make it possible to burn low-grade coal.” Okay, Lampe urges, let’s jump in with a proposal for an even larger energy plant that’s less expensive both monetarily and biospherically.
Who in the new-energy inventors’ community has been well enough funded to be ready to take up that challenge?
Lampe adds that one of the planned follow-ups to the Cochabamba gathering is a world referendum on certain climate matters. “But will they provide voters with a sense of what’s possible energetically–or will they remain within the narrow parameters of inadequate first-generation alternatives like wind/solar/etc?”
“Probably the best way to reach them (the climate activists) with a sense of what’s possible is via the “working group” called Technology Transfer.  If the best technology now suppressed by the infamous US Patent Office were transferred to developing countries, they’d have such tremendous energy advantages that within a generation they’d become the developed countries–with the current developed countries bringing up the rear because of their obsession with slight-to-moderate improvements like wind turbines and solar panels.”
“Thus the Cochabamban demand should focus centrally on getting total transparency from the US Patent Office rather than its current ever-intensifying secrecy.”
“These perseverant folks also want to establish an International Climate Justice Tribunal (or World Environment Court), so we should suggest that it track down and prosecute those responsible for the murders of new-energy inventors and also those responsible–both inside and outside the US Patent Office–for the obscene secrecy surrounding the best current replacements for coal/oil/nuclear/gas.”
Beyond this, Lampe thinks the new-energy community should greatly intensify its efforts to reach young people with the redeeming news of free energy. He suggests forming  volunteer universities in various places, each autonomous, with free energy as the central focus but with many other relevant activities such as a chemistry department studying the substances used for the aerial phenomena called chemtrails and figuring out their purpose. He envisions classes that include teleconferences.
“Physics departments can free young people from the bondage of Newtonian/Einsteinian physics so the West can also–like China–offer quantum engineering courses in its high schools. Logic courses can free young people from the bondage of the West’s linear logic.”
Keith Lampe believes volunteer universities can help young people achieve a “post-Occidental perspective”. He recalls his reaction in 1961 when he taught a course called World Literature for the University of Maryland’s Far East division, “yet all but thirty or forty pages of the 1300-page anthology was Western stuff!”
With his permission I’ve merely quoted from Keith Lampe’s much longer letter, which he signs “Yours for waking to the quantum ether.” His email is


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