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At this “crunch time”, the emerging knowledge about what’s really happening — cosmically and down to the microscopic level — is pouring into receptive minds worldwide. Electronics pioneer Ken Shoulders is a frontier scientist who through decades of careful experimentation and study has IMHO certainly earned the right to be a receptor.  Following is his new paper “Primordial Substance.” It refers to EVOs — Exotic Vacuum Objects. That’s yet another name for a new electronic effect that’s also been called Electromagnetic Vortex or Electrum Validum and “charge cluster”. See his earlier paper “What’s An EVO?” and other documents about EVOs at that website. Following is his copyrighted paper just released:

Primordial Substance
Ken Shoulders © March 2011

EVOs are considered by the author to be composed of myriad electromagnetic wavelets instead of conventional particles such as electrons. A note on this viewpoint entitled, “Detecting Fundamental Wave Action in Elementary Particles by Using an EVO” was placed on the web for download at:

Further consideration of this complex array of wavelets introduces a strong possibility that the ensemble can also be characterized as a primordial substance capable of, under proper but relatively ordinary conditions, resolving itself through physical manipulation into all known elements and perhaps some yet unknown substances.

As unlikely as this assertion presently seems, some supporting evidence will be submitted here permitting such conjecture.

It is in the field of “cold fusion”, where the greatest accumulation of anomalous transmutation evidence exists outside of direct EVO research, and that in spite of the presently ignominious stature of the field, has much to offer.
The author finds that whenever transmutation is found using mass spectroscopy and high resolution microscopy on cold fusion samples, there is an accompanying set of EVO strike marks or tracks signifying EVO presence.  These are usually examples of an EVO striking material, such as a metal, where excess charge can be dispelled.

To see such examples, interested readers should refer to early papers by Ken Shoulders and put on the web for download at: In particular, the paper “Energy Conversion from the Exotic Vacuum Revised” shows that all methods of cold fusion energy production and nuclear transmutation are linked to EVOs. The necessity for EVO involvement with cold fusion strongly shows in some of these papers.

Although direct excitation of EVOs by one striking another in the absence of nearby condensed matter is the ideal method of proving that an EVO is composed of something like a primordial substance capable of directly generating matter, it is a more difficult method to execute due to the need for a 3D trap or container to carry out the transformation without contamination.

Such a device capable of doing this has been built and tested for EVO containment, but at the time that work was done, no thought was given to tests of matter creation through EVO interaction. Those tests still lie ahead.

In all tests with EVOs reacting with condensed matter, a different isotopic ratio shows when compared to so-called natural ratios. This is to be expected due to the creation of the new matter by an entirely different and much milder process. This EVO based method should be called the natural state due to the absence of radioactive species, an abnormal and highly stressed state.

Some years ago the cold fusion literature introduced the notion of Nuclear Active Environment or NAE. It now appears to this author that the site for creating the EVO becomes the NAE as long as the EVO can then be excited to
a redistribution state of the primeval energy or primordial substance composing it.

Another mysterious spot at which a nuclear reaction originates without an EVO being present to do its work is not needed. The EVO does the whole job of creating new and different material as well as heat production through the acceleration of normal particles with their subsequent dissipation of energy in the lattice.

I believe EVOs are the Mothers of all matter.

(The above is a copyrighted paper written by Ken Shoulders and posted on with his permission.)



  1. The thermodynamics of energy from the vacuum is not hard to understand e.g.

  2. Just a single state in the U.S. (Wyoming)has more raw materials for vacuum energy storage through zeolites than the entire worlds oil reserves…..

  3. Sökresultat216 – Swedish Patent Database, Results listVladimir Kangas. 1980-07-24. SE8002245-2, SE428187. Pressform för framställning av slipsegment. B30B11/02. Mikhail Nikolaevich Birjukov … – Cachad
    Vladimir Kangas Claims to be Tapping the Coriolis Force to Achieve … – [ Översätt den här sidan ]Claims that the Coriolis force (pertaining to the inertia force) can be used to “disbalance internal forces in a closed system resulting in a body ……/index.html – Cachad – Liknande
    Closed system – [ Översätt den här sidan ]International Classification 分类号, F03G3/00. Applicant(s) Name 申请人, Vladimir Kangas. Address 地址. Inventor(s) Name 发明人, Vladimir Kangas;Hillar Neem … – Cachad

  4. Vladimir Kangas says:

    (here’s a Google translation of the Russian comment at the end)
    When you create a volume of liquid inside a specially crafted pulsed high-voltage electrical discharge in the area of ​​the latter develop ultra-high pressure, which can be widely used for practical purposes.
    Electro-effect from the first day of its opening has been and remains a constant source of birth set of advanced production processes, which are now widely used around the world.
    But still no one can use this effect for the imbalance of internal forces in a closed system, to create unsupported mover that can be used to drive kosmicheskix korabley.
    Below is a description:
    Electro UFO
    The principle of operation is based on elektroimpulsnogo UFO phenomenon accompanying a powerful spark discharge in liquid.
    The device UFO and its workflow.
    The scheme is shown in electropulse UFO Fig.1. Inside the housing 1 is working with a parabolic reflector kamera 2 directional reflectance of the shock wave to the right.
    The electrodes 3 are set so that the discharge occurred between them in the focus of the parabola. The electrodes are included in the chain of high-voltage winding of the transformer 7 with a capacity of 6 and a rectifier 5.
    The transformer increases the voltage supply to a value neskolko greater than that required for ppoboya liquid between the electrodes.
    The value of the applied voltage opredelyaetsya discharge gap 4. The capacitor periodically razryazhaetcya through the discharge gap and elektrody between them at the time of discharge obrazuetsya spark.
    Spark is a plasma channel with a high temperature, so that the cumulative bubble is formed, which presses on the walls of the channel in neskolko desyatkov thousand bar.
    In this case the shock front poluchaetcya very steep, and temperatyry and pressure in the two layers of fluid adjacent, differ sharply, which leads to large heat losses. Experimental studies ustanovleno that 50% of the discharge energy is spent on the radiation in the shock wave. Therefore, it is quickly transformed into a sinusoidal sound volnu, right up to the flange and is reflected from it because of the echo.
    Hence we conclude:
    1.Levaya wall is hit:
    F1 = ps = 10000bar x 10cm ² = 100000 kg
    2.Pravaya wall gets hit: F2 = 0
    F = F1 – F2 = 100000kg.

    При создании внутри объема жидкости специально сформированного импульсного высоковольтного электрического разряда в зоне последнего развиваются сверхвысокие давления, которые можно широко использовать в практических целях.
    Электрогидравлический эффект с первых дней его открытия был и остается постоянным источником рождения множества прогрессивных технологических процессов, которые сейчас уже широко применяются во всем мире.
    Но ещё ни кто не использует этот эффект для разбаланса внутренних сил в замкнутой системе, для создания безопорного движителя, который может быть использован для привода космическиx кораблeй.
    Ниже даётся его описание:

    Электроимпульсное UFO

    Принцип действия электроимпульсногo UFO основан на явлении сопровождающем мощный искровой разряд в жидкости.

    Устройство UFO и его рабочий процесс.
    Схема Электроимпульсного UFO дана на Fig.1. Внутри корпуса 1 расположена рабочая кaмера с параболическим отражателем 2 для направленного отражения ударной волны в право.
    Электроды 3 установлены так, чтобы разряд между ними происходил в фокусе параболы. Электроды включены в цепь высоковольтной обмотки трансформатора 7 с ёмкостью 6 и выпрямителем 5.
    Трансформатор увеличивает напряжение питающей сети до величины, несколькo большей, чем та, которая требуется для пpoбоя жидкости между электродами.
    Величина подаваемого напряжения опрeделяется разрядным промежутком 4. Конденсатор периодически разряжаетcя через разрядный промежуток и электрoды, между которыми в момент разряда обрaзуется искра.
    Искра представляет собой плазменный канал с высокой температурой, благодаря чему образуется кумулятивный пузырь, давящий на стенки канала в нeсколько дeсятков тысяч bar.
    При этом фронт ударной волны получаетcя очень крутым, а температyры и давления в двух слоях жидкости, расположенных рядом, резко различаются, что приводит к большим тепловым потерям. Экспериментальными исследованиями установленo, что 50% энергии разряда затрачивается на излучение в ударной волне. Поэтому она довольно быстро трансформируется в звуковую синусоидальную вoлну, достигает правого фланца и отражается от него ввиде эхо.
    Отсюда делаем вывод:
    1.Левая стенка получает удар:
    F1 = ps = 10000bar x 10см² = 100000 кг
    2.Правая стенка получает удар: F2 = 0

    F = F1 – F2 = 100000кг.

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