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When I interviewed British author and aerospace journalist Nick Cook , he talked about the emerging push toward sustainable technologies, a higher level of awareness and other signs of hope — if we make it past the turbulence of power struggles in this transition time.
Nick Cook is a regular contributor to the Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal and other international media. He’s routinely invited to speak around the world to audiences including major aerospace corporations, government think-tanks, schools and universities. Nick’s Television credits include a two-hour documentary for The Discovery/Learning Channel, “Billion Dollar Secret”, which detailed for the first time the secret inner workings of the classified weapons establishment.

More than twenty years ago, doors in that sector began to open for Cook when he joined the staff of the world’s leading military affairs journal, Jane’s Defense Weekly (JDW). From 1987 to 2001 he was their Aerospace Editor, and is now the magazine’s Aerospace Consultant.
His near-future book projects include a data-oriented report for which he is researching zero-point energy developments. Since his investigations now include the down-to-earth energy-related technologies, I asked for Cook’s view of the way permanent magnets interact with the field called vacuum energy, zero point energy and other names. Whatever the field is, he replied, magnetism and electromagnetism do seem to be mysterious portals into accessing the energy from this field. But exactly how that is done isn’t understood yet.

Many inventors trying to access the little-known field seem to be working intuitively and experimentally, Cook commented, but not by using any particular theory that enables them to build the devices. Sharing of how-to information on the internet is only part of the reason people are building these devices; people seem inspired to do it. On a collective consciousness level it’s interesting to speculate from what other source people driven to build these devices are getting the information, he added.

“It’s a bit like that moment in Close Encounters where Richard Dreyfuss starts sculpting the Devil’s Tower out of mashed potatoes.”

Nick Cook’s “hunt” began in the era just before U.S. President Ronald Reagan hiked classified spending higher than ever, to a reputed $40 billion a year at that time – a lot of spending power. Seeing what had been made possible with Stealth opened Cook’s mind to what might be possible in other areas of black technology (technology so secret that its very existence couldn’t be revealed, let alone what it actually might entail).

Nick Cook wondered if anything was “out there” that could replace the jet engine, then realized it would have to be something that could enable us to alter gravity. When he kicked that certain mental door ajar, he tumbled headlong into some very heretical thinking – antigravity technology as a real possibility.
 He followed a long money trail and put that together with a shorter trail of popular-science antigravity news articles that ended in the 1950s.
Meanwhile he kept in mind that the Pentagon and the U.S. Air Force — the territory he was familiar with — were known for being visionary. Once they get an idea about something, and if they felt there was a practical element to it, they don’t let it go.

By 1999 he had a story to piece together, which eventually became Hunt for Zero Point.

Cook realized that what was good for propulsion is also good for energy; there’s a lot of unrevealed science and technology in the energy field as well.

“If you can manipulate physics in a new way — ways that perhaps haven’t been revealed to us or have been hidden or suppressed for a century or more — to produce a new kind of propulsion effect, you can do the same with energy.”

His attention began to focus more on energy breakthroughs at the same time as many citizens began thinking about the source of their electricity, heating and transportation power. He speculates it wouldn’t take much to lift people’s thinking further — into the slightly higher plane where one starts seeing the world in a different way.

However, changing a worldview takes time. For instance, around 1990 before he himself realized there was much more to the world than met the eye, Nick Cook was immersed in the same scientific paradigm as his colleagues were taught in their schooling. They didn’t question that worldview.

“There’s a great tendency to accept your source material as being the truth if it’s come from ‘official sources’…”

Ph.D.degrees also carry much weight with science journalists. However when Cook began looking at data independently and forming his own opinions, he realized that those prized initials after people’s names sometimes came with a load of blinkered thinking. Often it’s logical thinking, but narrowed down into a preconceived channel.
Consciousness research is gathering evidence about the power of thought, and how at a “quantum level” we’re able to exchange information with the so-called real world. There is evidence that by focusing our attention on something we can pull that something into existence. Does a considerable portion of humankind have to be at a level of awareness at which we are able to focus our intention on a zero-emissions new energy era before we can pull it into existence?

Cook acknowledges that such speculation sounds weird and esoteric, but he thinks that a more-conscious level of interaction with the world we live in is required, to enable the new energy technology to come into existence.

In the meantime, he advises, we should keep in mind that the energy technology coming out of the non-conventional field is not the only solution. Instead, it has to arrive hand in hand with other changes. For instance, during a transition time society must embrace the current renewable energy technologies such as solar power.

“The important thing, for me, is to realize that the technology coming out of vacuum energy, zero point energy, spacetime energy — call it what you will — is going to take a while. In the meantime we’ve got to start changing the way we live.”

Cook believes that the late Viktor Schauberger of Austria bequeathed to the new energy movement something significant – an understanding of underlying principles and letting nature show us how to live and work with nature in order to create a sustainable world.
(The above is a shortened version of my column Report from the Front, last fall. For a longer version of this article you’ll have to subscribe to Atlantis Rising magazine online; it’s in the fall 2007 archives.)



  1. Suzie Anderson says:

    You bet I’ll subscribe to Atlantis Rising! The comments regarding the collective consciousness hit a sweet spot. We are living in a most exciting time where our collective consciousnes’ are breaking loose of the “old thinking” based on limitation and lack. Bucky Fuller knew that our lessons were right there in Nature. Go Jeanne Go! Wish I could be at your book launch! Much success to you. I thank my Earth and My Water on a regular basis. Yes, I think raising consciousness awareness is where we all can help. Thank you for all your fabulous work. Wish I’d heard of you sooner!
    Namaste, Suzie Anderson (Apex Mountain)

  2. jake ruigrok says:

    Are jou familiar whith Dr.Wayne W.Dyer EXCUSES BEGONE !

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