Nuclear Reader notices breakthrough energy

The potential for breakthrough energy inventions to replace polluting power plants is acknowledged in a new publication.

A group of environmentally-conscious researchers, Voices for Safe Energy, recently prepared a Nuclear Reader. Their online book has no copyright; the group who compiled the vital information “with the vision of security and health for us all” invites you to share it widely.

Topics covered range from the health hazards of low level radioactivity (there is no safe dose), and why nuclear power is bad business, to depleted uranium and the lack of a plan for long term storage of radioactive waste.

I’ll quote from the chapter that most closely ties in with this blog: Toward Clean Energy. “….In searching for new clean energy, some inventors have found that space is filled with motion  – the quantum fluctuations within the atom and the stars –  and that this energy could be converted into electricity.” “Orthodox scientists have overlooked the vacuum of space and that it might be utilized for energy because they have not realized it consists of pure massless charge. Electromagnetic and gravitational forces are in the vacuum.”

Chapter 9 contains a quote from John Davidson’s book The Secret of the Creative Vacuum saying that physics needs to seriously consider the vacuum state as a real energy field.  Davidson added that understanding vacuum-state manifestation leads one to design efficient energy machines that don’t require nuclear fission or fusion.

The Nuclear Reader cites academic scientists who estimated the energy in the vacuum of space by various means and conclude that the energy density of the vacuum potential is enormous.

The book quotes Tom Bearden as a leading conceptualist in alternate energy technology: “In particle physics it is well known that the active vacuum is incredibly energetic…so even a tiny efficiency of tapping this energy could and will extract all the energy one could wish.”

Our own book, Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-Leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World  is one of the  references listed for further discussion of new energy topics.

The Nuclear Reader suggests to its readers “Instead of being blinded by traditional ideas, let us look into the spectrum of energy sources waiting to be harnessed to make usable physical energy.”

“Once we install clean energies, radioactive waste remains a vast challenge. The states’ plans to transport radioactive waste in thousands of shipments across the country to Nevada and to deregulate radioactive waste and use it in commercial products do not make sense! There are other possible solutions. One energy technology that might offer hope is transmutation.”

….”Transmutation is, in this application, used to describe the conversion of radioactive elements into other radioactive elements with shorter life spans, or into non-radioactive elements.”

“Traditional science says this is not possible. However, in recent years, experiments by certain labs have been replicated and several patents granted.”

One final quote from the Nuclear Reader: “If nuclear power production were phased out and scientists further developed readily available renewable energies, we would be in a good position to allow the earth to renew itself. Of course, we will have to re-mineralize the soil and quadruple plant life to absorb CO2  and make oxygen.  And we would have to develop a respect for Nature which would inform our scientific and economic endeavors in order to shape healthy and sustainable energy strategies.”

Please spread the word about this free online information source, the Nuclear Reader.



  1. So interesting, Jeane.

  2. Darrel Tracy says:

    I’m reading a new book titled The Third Industrial Revolution in which Jeremy Rifkin describes the paradigm shift presently happening in Europe. Apparently they are working to develop a sustainable economy that is based on alternative energy, is creating buildings as mini-power-plants, is storing surplus energy in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and creating a computer-based smart grid for distribution which will be controlled to a large extent by the users. It is a five-pillared approach which requires all components to develop simultaneously. There are many jobs envisioned.
    Very Interesting. Do any of you have opinions on this?

  3. Michael R. Himes says:

    Cavitation steam engines may drive generators thus tapping into the quantum vacuum. It is accomplished by nano scale aqueous boric acid in bubble clusters in nonconductive oil jets that are electrostatic resonant plasma confined (A nano Polywell).
    Radiation is confined to low level x-rays that may be shielded and when the engine is shut down there is no residual emissions or nuclear waste.
    One comment on radiation. You are radioactive to a level exceeding that of the engine in question. Check it out with friends and see how hazardous a relationship can be…He…He.

  4. Michael R. Himes says:

    ATP hydrolysis is a nuclear process in body chemistry that amongst other things makes us warm blooded. This is why ones body has an aura that some people can see….sometimes called a halo.
    As you can see, it is pretty difficult to escape radiation since it is the signature of nuclear reactions.
    If a halo is caused by nuclear reactions…well halo is not a bad word nor is radiation!!!!
    Now about wings…..with reference to jumping between dimensions. I was never trunkated, to use a polite term, and therefore may jump between dimensions. This is unusual at my age.

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