Out of the Void film tells it; ‘Space is not empty’

The docudrama film Out of the Void is now released and can be rented or purchased for viewing; download from Vimeo hsquared-toby-n-tewari-adn-still-4-presseere . I’m especially interested because I’ve interviewed two of the three main inventors featured in it–Paramahamsa Tewari and Claus Turtur. Couldn’t interview Carl Schappeller because he’s dead.

The film centers on the true story of Schappeller, an Austrian visionary who tried to tap free energy from what Nikola Tesla described as the “very wheelworks of nature.”

In the 1920s Carl Schappeller claimed that he was able to develop a machine that could access an unexplored form of energy that some call free energy.

Schappeller mobilized many supporters. The Catholic Church, members of the former German imperial dynasty, the English navy, and numerous private persons were among the patrons who invested millions in his project.

A October 22 press release for the film adds that “Schappeller represents an archetype in society, the ever present dreamer and visionary attempting to raise money for inventions that never work, until they do.”

“Consider the hundreds if not thousands of individuals that attempted to fly. They were told human flight was impossible. Until it was, when two dreamers and visionaries took off and human flight became possible in 1903.”

“After delving deep into the past, the film undergoes a transformation, visiting modern day physics Professor Claus Turtur in Germany where he demonstrates an electrostatic motor producing more power than it consumes.”

The filming then moves to present day India where Paramahamsa Tewari, a retired Executive Director of the Nuclear Power Corporation of India, has invented an electrical generator that “produces more power than it consumes.” Or as Tewari words it “more power can be produced than what is put into the system.” And that can include some energy from space, otherwise known as the aether.

The film shows testing of the generator and visits the factory where Kirloskar, a major Indian corporation, has reproduced the machine and “verified its operational characteristics.” The film also shows Toby Grotz at work (on the left in photo); he’s a highly qualified and experienced test engineer who’s traveled to Tewari ‘s lab repeatedly over the years.

The film says Tewari’s invention of a reactionless generator fulfills Tesla’s prophecy that “Ere many generations pass, mankind will attach his machinery to the very wheelworks of nature.”

The title of the film is taken from the physics theory developed by Tewari to explain the origin, nature and form of the electron. The press release says “As he explains in the film, his Space Vortex Theory demonstrates that space is not empty and that free power is now a reality.”

The film premiered last October at the Viennale Film Festival in Vienna, Austria. In March of 2016 it was released in theaters nationwide in Austria and has been shown in Germany. Here’s the website for the trailer of this film by Angela Summereder: http://ausdemnichts.at/en/#trailer

Production is by: Othmar Schmiderer Filmproduktion
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  1. Excellent post, Jeane!
    Would you mind if we reproduce this on our aesopinstitute.org website?
    If OK to do so, I will have it follow the article on Tewari under CHEAP GREEN 24/7.

  2. Mark I’m sorry that I missed this until now. Yes of course you may.

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