Paul Pantone has left the room

Pantone PaulSad to hear that the inventor of the Global Environmental Energy Technology (GEET) process passed on today, in Murfeesboro, Tennessee.

Paul was a star presenter at some of the Extraordinary Technology conferences hosted by Steven Elswick. Today after hearing the news from Paul’s son Jason, Steve expressed his own sadness.

Steve says “The first time I ever got to interview Paul was about 1994. Not being terribly enthused about internal combustion engines, I asked him “what makes your engine more different than any other engine on the planet?” He (Paul) replied, “ Mine makes plasma!” Steve says “Being an electrical engineer, anything creating plasma catches my attention…”

He says Paul recently completed a new book on GEET technology, and although the inventor is gone, Steve expects that his work will be carried on by others.

The GEET process allows an engine’s fuel efficiency to be increased while dramatically cutting toxic emissions by 90 per cent or more, according to his fans.

There have been reports of GEET modified engines running for hours inside closed rooms with many people present without any known ill effects. And individuals have reported a 20- to 800-percent increase in fuel efficiency.

Paul enjoyed those early days at conferences. I remember him showing the late Eugene Mallove, Ph.D., how clean the exhaust from a GEET-modified engine was– Gene held a white handkerchief over the exhaust pipe and agreed it came away remarkably clean.

At a water conference in Washington state Paul beamed happily when he placed a magnetized rod on the table in front of me to show how unusually strong the field had become in his engine. My digital camera was sitting on the table and stopped working because of the magnetic field, but the water wizard Randy Ziesenus “healed” the camera. Somehow.

Paul Pantone went through hell in the following years. He was held for several years in a mental institution in Utah until friends and family proved that he was mentally competent and should not have been forced to stay there. The experience robbed him of his health and his teeth, and aged him drastically.

I’ll hold in my mind the picture of Paul in better days.



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