People-Power Outscores Scammers

Carmin face n shldrsThe Internet can be used for good – or for the opposite. One of the beneficial uses has been the crowd-funding to finance a People’s Lab for electrical genius Eric Dollard (who will be a speaker at the Bedini-Lindemann 2013 Conference.)

Thanks to the fundraisers, he is no longer sleeping in his car in the desert, and donations of equipment for the laboratory have been showing up as well as cash for his work, I’m delighted to hear.

I’d love to thank his fundraiser personally – the compassionate person who interviewed Eric and posted those interviews so that people see the real person — the almost-forgotten expert on lost science — who’s the topic of the fundraising appeal.

On the other hand, the Internet is being used by scammers, as my friend Carmen Miller (pictured here) and others have found out to their dismay. Carmen isn’t the one selling anything. Instead she’s creating progress on her father’s invention in a responsible quiet manner – not making any public announcement until the technical experts working on it can provide incontestable proof that the Muller Motor/Generator is operating with the incredible efficiency that’s claimed for it.

Meanwhile some scammer/s have erected a commercial website to sell “Muller Free Energy Generator Plans.”  They mixed fact with fiction by stealing images from Carmen’s website (including one that I photographed of her and the invention). They lifted text as well as photos from various sources, and included the stolen information in a streaming video that apparently convinces desperate homeowners and poverty-stricken renters that they could have obtain a way to have free electricity – just send money and it will be yours, the website  promises.

Carmen tried to contact whomever is behind the website, but the slippery person/s don’t step out of the shadows long enough for her to insist that they cease this scam. She’s tried. They aren’t even located on this continent, she told me, so what can she do? It pains her heart to receive correspondence from, for example, a low-income lady who bought those “plans” thinking that she’d be able to solve the problems with her utility bills. Carmen feels deep frustration at this injustice.

I noticed last year that someone did a similar hoax on the Hendershot Motor – selling plans. The pitch was based on materials available on the internet – old diagrams and photos of a historical device. Con artists mix historical truth with their own fiction.

Let’s hope that the sincere heroes of the non-conventional energy research field will make fast progress and bring truly low-cost electrical power to the people. And I hope that Eric Dollard will also continue to educate us on the truths of “lost science.”  Thanks to those many individual contributors to that cause, who gave new meaning to “people power” this year!



  1. Paul French says:

    HI my name is paul I have been interest in alternative energy sense 1980 I have one patent in solar energy I have been interested in magnetic free energy generators when I retired. I have been keeping a low profile and have not been putting any information on the Internet. I am now making some prototypes to introduce to some industrialized countries were most of the population have no electricity. I was not going to get involved in this because of the suppression you will be opened to, then I thought of it and said why not. These people need help and I would like to give it to them. Please comment on this i will need all the help I can get

    thank you
    Paul French

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