Plane crash kills team marketing game-changing motor

An airplane engine failed in the air on July 10. The ensuing crash killed the president, CEO and CFO of US Highland Inc. and bereaved their wives and children. Highland is of interest to new-energy researchers; Highland joint-venture partnered with Millennial Research Corporation which has a revolutionary electric motor technology.

A few days before the fatal crash, a representative of the company had demonstrated the technology to a defense contractor’s scientists. Don’t ask me for more comment on that last fact; I won’t put my confidential source in jeopardy.

Millennial is an electric motor and power generation licensing company, and Highland is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance motorcycles. US Highland’s talent can be traced back to engineers who were with the Swedish Husqvarna company; some of those folks ended up in a venture that led to the opening of US Highland’s 33,000 square foot industrial building near Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 1. Highland’s innovations include its marketing network which will allow customers to test ride a demo machine in kiosks before ordering their bike.

On July 1, US Highland, Inc announced that after two years in development the company and its partner, Millennial Research Corporations, had completed a new revolutionary hub motor — electric engine — based on Millennial’s patented magnetronic technology. US Highland has its exclusive rights for “powersports” uses. Dennis Palmer, founder of Millennial, added that their revolutionary patented motor technology applies to many industries and markets. “This powerful magnetronic motor designed for US Highland will require as much as 70 per cent less battery usage for the same run time, and weigh as much as 40 per cent less than the existing competition. This a real game-changer for the use of electrical engines in power sports.”

Millennial’s products include Magnetronic motors, -hub motors, -transmissions (an infinitely-variable-transmission motor) and –generators. Applications include aerospace and helicopters.

Press releases gave no date for when the first motorcycle powered by the Magnetronic would roll out of the Oklahoma facility.


The plane crash near Tulsa killed Highland’s 41-year old president Mats Malmberg, 51-year old Chief Operating Officer Chase Bales and 37-year old Chief Financial Officer Damian Riddoch. They were returning from a business trip to Detroit when they requested an emergency landing at Tulsa International Airport. Instead, the plane crashed in a wooded area of a city park northwest of the airport. There were no survivors.


The magnetronic electric motor technology’s advantages, according to a promotional presentation:

-Magnetronic coil windings are less complex than conventional coil windings. Its simpler coils are easier to repair and less likely to need repair, have stronger magnetic fields yet a lower cost.

-Cooler operation means higher efficiency, since heat = wasted electricity.

-The motor is smaller with higher power to weight ratios

-Its modular design makes it highly fault-tolerant; broken wires no longer mean weeks in the shop.

-It has much lower starting power (conventional motors dim the lights in the room during startup).


United States Patent Application 20100084938, for a Regenerative Motor and Coil, says the invention “presents a highly efficient electric motor which can he embodied in several configurations, including a standard motor, a hub motor, a linear motor, or other motor configuration. As a regenerative device, the motor may also act as a part-time or full-time electrical generator. There is provided a motor composed of a stator and a rotor. The stator has an array of coils arranged therein. The rotor has an array of magnets arranged therein. Each of the coils includes a first winding of wire wrapped around a core, and the wire has a non-circular cross-section. The wire can be a flattened wire.


Palmer, Denis L. (Brigham City, UT, US)
Palmer Jr., Robert A. (Fordland, MO, US)
Riddoch, Damian (Glenpool, OK, US)
Butler, Edward (Brigham City, UT, US)
Palmer, Charles (Port Orchard, WA, US)

Publication Date:  04/08/2010     Filing Date: 08/17/2000

Assignee: Millennial Research Corporation, Bixby, Oklahoma, USA
A report filed this week with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, required when directorships of a company undergo a change, names the new management team and directors. On Tuesday Bengt Andersson, the sole remaining director at the time, appointed two members to fill vacancies on Highland’s board of directors, Christer Wagenius and J. Darin Long. Wagenius, age 69, is a partner in the business law firm of
Advokatfirman Wagenius & Partners HB, in Helsingborg, Sweden. Long, age 44, is the Director of Asia Operations for AB Highland Group, and has been since January 2009.   From 2008 to now, Mr. Long has been an executive director of Millennial Research
Appointment of Officers
Immediately following the appointment of the additional directors, Highland’s
Board of Directors appointed the following officers:
      J. Darin Long - Chief Operating Officer
      Martin Lind - Vice President of Operations
      Michael La Lond - Interim Chief Financial Officer
Martin Lind, age 36, has been the Director of Product Development and
Research and Development at Highland Group AB, and US Highland, Inc.,
since 2008.  He has been the Director of Development and Lead Engineer at Highland Group AB since 2006. Michael La Lond, age 60, is the Director of Management Consulting at Southbridge Advisory Group, a management services and consulting firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma.



  1. MICHAEL R. HIMES says:

    Going “Main Stream” with new technology is an invitation to be “Stopped” in this country. I am a firm believer in covert intervention by power brokers. I have first hand knowledge of power broker corruption. Tampering with airplane engine to effect corporation redirection to off shore countries was the next corrupt logical step.

  2. Ben fr Germany says:

    Dear Jean-team,

    I´m just a simple, but in your inventions interested man who is so far from your place – and I only want to tell you that I´m so sorry for what happened to your friends, who died by this accident.

    At last I only want to believe, that it has been gods will.
    Please don´t stop working on your couraged business.

  3. Jeane,
    Thanks for the news, even though it was regrettable. Hopefully, other competent persons will step into their positions. Phil

  4. Anonymity says:

    I am pretty sure they’re assasinated, making it looks like an accident, usual MO

  5. David Sereda talking with Boyd Bushman on the use and development of the beam weapon that probably brought that plane down, it was developed and used in the 1940’s:

  6. -

    ————–Produce this IMMEDIATELY!

    ————Don’t let ANYTHING STOP YOU!

    It’s very sad to hear of such a tragedy.

    Was this Really just an accident?



  7. I am sure big oil had something to do with this. If it doesn’t put money in big oils pocket it just wont happen.I pray that someone will grab the ball and run with it. I beleave in the technology and it will work. Big oil needs to be put in their place.they have rubbed the people long enough.It’s time for the little guys to win.

  8. The energy invention suppression pattern seems to be that the closer to commercial scale manufacturing and marketing a viable revolutionary energy invention becomes, suppression is racheted up. If necessary, more serious tactics will be employed such as murder, “accidents”, arson, SEC and IRS harrassment, toxic chemicals, and classification of patents by the U.S. Patent Office.

  9. Denis Palmer says:

    Hi This is Denis Palmer
    I thank you for your words and Damian is going to be missed,,,
    if you do not know,,, this will not be stopped,,,
    Thanks again Denis

  10. Il y a aussi le staf de Tesla motor qui s’est crashé en avion, ils envisageaient la commerçialisation d’une berline electrique pour monsieur tout le monde.

  11. That is absolutely depressing, we need some new technology to break the grip that big oil has on the economy! It sucks how much we are destroying the environment, pretty soon their will be nothing left for our kids.

  12. Hey this is really sad, MH17 that dissapeared had gentleman on it from Chin or Japan that had invented a super battery. Governments/ Oil Barron/ Power brokers etc have a lot to answer for.


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