Professor teaches free energy and other shunned topics

Academics don’t usually step as far outside the box as Stephen A. Graf, Ph.D. has. He’s a retired psychology professor at Youngstown State University in Ohio. For five years Dr. Graf and his brother-in-law have been giving a course titled “Extraterrestrials, Meditation and Free Energy.” He tells me they’re attempting to overcome the lack of awareness in the academic community of those issues. They use Dr. Steven Greer’s book Hidden Truth – Forbidden Knowledge as the text, and have been to eight CSETI Ambassador to the Universe trainings. These brave teachers also follow the work of Tom Bearden and John Bedini in class, starting with Bearden’s book Energy from the Vacuum. Their students make five presentations during the course on their own research/questioning.
I’ve been asked to be available via Skype tomorrow morning for their weekly “Press Conference”; each student can ask the guest-of-the-week a question. I look forward to hearing from the students!



  1. The challege is to build devices here with less talk and more action. But then some would rather talk…..Eh?


  2. Bonnet RĂ©gis says:

    I have just read an interview of you in Share International, in which you present your new book. I think it might be of interest to study the nature and the proprieties of the crosses of light that appear on windows and shine without any source of energy known.
    Here is a picture, from Share International:

    Sincerely yours

  3. DR. GRAF ,Thank you for stepping outside the BOX, the bulk production of ULTRA DENSE RYDBERG HYDROGEN fuel for laser induced fusion . COMING SOON.

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