Public Science Day at Long Beach June 26

A scientific conference is hosting a Public Day with experiments, displays, and speakers who challenge mainstream science ideas. For the first time, the Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) — a worldwide scientific organization — is offering up a whole day of their four-day conference to expose the public to scientific inquiry and challenges to such theories as Einstein’s theory of relativity, the Bernoulli Effect, and plate tectonics.

The 17th Annual Natural Philosophy Alliance conference’s Public Science Day is on Saturday June 26, 2010 at the University of California’s Long Beach Pyramid Pointe Conference Center from 9 am to 6 pm. (The NPA conference starts June 23 at Cal State Long Beach.)

David de Hilster (contact info at the bottom of this post) writes in a press release that independent scientists from around the world will be on hand for a day of experiments, demonstrations, thought-provoking lectures, and comradery. Experiments and demonstrations include the growing earth, a refutation of special relativity, a refutation of the Bernoulli Effect, and how the Global Positioning System does not use Einstein’s relativity. The entire scientific conference challenges mainstream ideas on such topics as relativity, cosmology, and physics.

Kicking off the day, GPS expert Ron Hatch will explain that, contrary to popular opinion, GPS systems are designed using Newtonian rather than Einsteinian mechanics, and that these systems challenge Einstein’s famous equivalence principle.

The next speaker will be comic book artist Neil Adams, displaying animations that capture a decades-old theory of an growing earth and defying the commonly accepted plate tectonic theories.

In the early afternoon Dr. Michael McKubre will answer the question “How Hot is Cold Fusion?” as he did when he appeared on 60 Minutes in April 2009.

The fourth featured speaker will be science hobbyist Bill Beaty. He will explain the difference between technical putzing and true experimental science, and why the latter is so valuable. True to form, Beaty will also demonstrate live his high-speed magnetic levitator and microwave ball lightning, viewed by millions on Youtube.

Throughout the day, visitors will have a chance to see Marko Rodin demonstrate his fascinating Rodin coil, pass their hand through a flame of Brown’s gas right after it melts a quarter, and witness simple experiments that challenge our understanding of Bernoulli’s principle.

The NPA invites you to decide for yourself, by interacting with live demonstrations and models, if unipolar induction confounds Einstein’s theories, if a vertical Michelson-Morley experiment gives a non-null result, if experiments can produce gravitational anomalies and if it’s possible to physically model the atom.

The NPA’s full scientific conference takes place at UC Long Beach from Wednesday, June 23 through Saturday, June 26. Independent scientists from around the world have submitted more than 100 technical papers, to be collected in a conference proceedings book available to the public for $25. From 8:30 to 6:00, Wednesday through Friday, many of these scientists will present the ideas from their papers to their peers.

Interested students may also register for the conference and hang out to discuss physics with presenters in the campus dorms. On Friday evening, the NPA will host a banquet where they will honor three seasoned scientists with the second annual Sagnac Award — the Nobel Prize of independent physics. This year’s recipients are Dr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr. of Urbana, Illinois, for his prolific writings on Hertzian Dynamics, applying the total time derivative to electrodynamics; Dr. Milo M. Wolff of Manhattan Beach California for his theories on the wave structure of matter; and Dr. Evert Jan Post of Westchester, California, for his dedication to a statistical, non-Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. Appropriately Dr. Post authored the definite 1967 paper on the Sagnac Effect, which has challenged Einsteinian paradigms since it was first discovered experimentally in 1913, just one year before Post was born.

For more information, call 562-508-4504, email, or visit the website Poster for the event at

About The Natural Philosophy Alliance

Founded in 1994 by the late John C. Chappell, the Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) is a forum for independent scientific ideas organized to hold scientific conferences. The NPA has met annually in various cities across the United States to share, discuss and debate scientific ideas ranging from relativity and aether theories to Tesla concepts in energy, from quantum mechanics to expanding earth, from gravity to cosmology and the Big Bang, from cold fusion to structural models of the atom. Over the years, the NPA community has fostered an ethic of tolerance, giving all serious researchers a hearing. As a result, though not all NPAers agree on what’s right in science, they claim a surprising unity about what’s wrong.

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