R-charge conference well worth attending

Okay, so I’m three weeks late in writing blogposts… It’s summer.

The theme of the July 30-August 1 Renaissance Charge Free Energy Conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, was practical uses of the Bedini technology. It did give directions to pursue, and attendees examined applications such as a boat converted to electric. And in my next post I’ll write about one of John Bedini’s presentations.

One feature of the conference was a surprise lecture by Peter Lindemann on how lead-acid batteries really work. Audience members told me they found it to be eye-opening information and useful. He credited John Bedini: “John found the rules of how batteries work, and he builds chargers (battery rejuvenators) that obey the rules.” I also enjoyed 17-year-old Matt Siri’s poised and knowledgeable talk and demonstration of a Tesla coil he built. Another highlight was hearing the personal stories of three moderators of the online forum.

Conference organizer Rick Friedrich had worked long and hard to prepare featured exhibits for the gathering, and his demonstration of an electric-powered boat was of much interest. However regarding a couple of pre-announced exhibits, people had made promises that they did not fulfill to him. For instance he had to bring in the same “ferris wheel” as shown at the November gathering instead of a much larger one that he had paid to have built.

I give him two thumbs up and a heartfelt cheer for what he did accomplish with the boat, lawn tractor, electric car and the motor models that were shown, and for all the good-natured networking and sharing of practical information that took place at the Renaissance Charge conference.




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