Raphial Morgado gives reasons for hope

I met Raphial Morgado, inventor of MYT engine and many as-yet-unannounced other inventions, the manuscript of Breakthrough Power was already completed. Otherwise he would be a star inventor in the book. Today he phoned; can’t talk about his business developments at this time, but the bottom line is “There is hope — lots of hope for new jobs in the USA.” Watch this blog for news in the near future — when announcements finally can be made. But just don’t contact me to ask questions about this; none will be answered by phone, email, in person or any other means except my future blogposts and when the permissions have been given. Thanks for understanding…



  1. Michael R. Himes says:


  2. If I had the money I would invest 10 million in the MYT Engine. I have been investigating this invention for some time now and every claim made by people on the web. For every negative comment I have found a positive solution. I believe all claims made on the MYT engine and I can’t wait to get one for my vehicle. The MYT engine is a new green invention, that gives the world hope for the future.

    Good Luck Raphial & Team

  3. Sounds like the government bought him out. I am surprised he has not yet gone missing like so many others before him. Who in my mind had great inventions but no money backers. Another sign of the big oil and huge money companies not really wanting to go green and smashing the small inventors.

  4. The MYT 6″ is coming out soon Raphial already has a contract to sell engines to IGPI. I know IGPI has a no. of orders already for there new gensets…once MYT is shown working it goes to IGPI then out to the world.. :) :)

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