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Check out the interesting comments under many of my blogposts on Today for instance George Wiseman replied to a commenter, and in his reply was a note about several people who make six-figure incomes by applying the information they got from one of his books — sometimes they give him credit in their literature, but no one has given him a dime in royalty.  I’ve known him for about 18 years, and what he says about himself is straight-arrow truth.

Inventions I hadn’t heard about before are found in comments posted on March 11 and April 20, 2012, under recent blogposts. Also you might not know that this site goes back to 2007 and I’ve posted some of my earlier magazine articles. I’ll be uploading more of my past articles about new energy topics — articles that were published in Explore New Dimensions, Atlantis Rising and other magazines.




  1. Joe wong says:

    do you know that on you tube, Muller magnetic motor. it shows all the things you need to build a motor. unfortunately I don’t know enough. is this for real? Carmen Miller was in the movie clip. thank you.

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