Renaissance free energy convention starts Friday

At the same time as Steve Elswick’s more aggressively promoted Extraordinary Technology conference takes place in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the conference being organized by Rick Friedrich and the Renaissance Charge team will be happening in Coeur d” Alene, Idaho.

My family reunion takes place near northern Idaho, and the November 2010 R-Charge conference was an exciting educational experience, so I’ll be in Cd’A on Friday. Looking forward to experiencing the featured boat with its self-running EV system. And to the revelations from Idaho’s resident free-energy genius, John Bedini.

Rick tells me that the scheduling of events for Friday and Saturday (see the R-Charge website) has been switched. So the outdoor viewings of electric vehicle /boat technologies will be on Friday. I would suggest “update your website”, but I’m not one to talk…


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