People are Talking About Jeane’s Books

“The Coming Energy Revolution”…a spirited discussion on the latest real breakthroughs and the awakening of ancient principles…”

Jim Karnstedt, San Francisco


“A lot of my friends, some working in energetics at a high level, have read your excellent book and so you have contributed to a new vision of the future…”

Dr. Peter Gluck, Institute of Isotopic and Molecular Technology, Romania


“Please help me in obtaining more copies…….people really appreciate the book.”

Brian Eckert, Restoration of Nature Project and book distributor, California


“The Coming Energy Revolution……. my favorite book.”

Actor/artist Charles Napier,
Interviewed by Bakersfield newspaper, California


In advance of the radio show, I’d like to thank the energy reporter and author, Jeane Manning. Her excellent book, THE COMING ENERGY REVOLUTION, provides a considerable amount of information on alternative energy sources.

John Rappoport –


“It was a pioneering effort that I applaud and it was easy to read and well presented.”

Dr. Harold Aspden, physicist and author, UK


re: Berlin 2002 lecture by Jeane Manning, a General Overview on Developments of Innovative Energy Technologies in North America: “…Jeane immediately grasped the scientific, social and political implications of our work on pulsed plasmas sustained by auto-electronic emmission. Jeane made what is perhaps, to this day,the most objective and independent effort to assess the field of alternative energy technologies. Her evaluation of our work is particularly adequate because of her own independent interest in Reich’s work. And we must concur with her conclusions regarding the negative impact of a general disinterest by the large public, serious investors and government agencies on what is a hard path ahead for most alternative energy research.”

Dr. Paulo Correa and Alexandra Correa 2002 on


Jeane Manning interviews heretical scientists who struggle to bring you non-polluting cheap abundant energy. Her books are published in five languages. Zero-point energy, space energy, vortexian- and aether technologies are descriptors for the emerging science. Over the years, it increased her awareness of how all life forms are interconnected in a shared sea of energy.

To physically free the energy for restoring oxygen-rich air and blue waters on our planet, and for freeing us politically from oil wars, the human family does have tools — inventions unknown to most people. This site contains articles about, and links to heralds of, the A – Z of “space energy” — Aether to Zero-point.

But before we can run cars on water-as-fuel, and heat houses and electrify industries with Space Power Generators, must humankind become more conscious? Jeane Manning says yes; the global heart needs more attention than the human brain.

“Information exchanges are vital, but won’t bring world peace. Peace comes with healing of societies. When a critical number of people are ready to take responsibility for its peaceful use, energy abundance could allow us to recycle materials, transmute wastes, improve health and have the leisure to build an enlightened civilization. It’s time to get involved.”

Jeane Manning

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