Seagal film cited magnetic engines and water as fuel

A fuzzy copy of a film clip that tells the truth about free energy is going viral at the moment and one interesting part is that the film, On Deadly Ground, was made way back in the 1990s, by Steven Seagal.

He’s being sued at the moment, but I’m inclined to think that the disgruntled employee is being encouraged to tell a harassment story as part of an ongoing harassment of Seagal. Here’s why I think that: People who have known him personally have told me that his life became very um, difficult after he had the courage to include that passionate speech in his film. In other words, the vested interests struck back at the lone defender of the environment who was a truth-teller about energy inventions. I can’t remember the details of those problems that were said to be created in his life, but I remember feeling gratitude for his bravery.

The only time I saw Seagal in person was when I was with a photographer who was waiting as a limousine delivered the Dalai Lama to a back door at the university near Santa Barbara. The tall muscular man with the ponytail, standing at the door and bowing a reverent greeting to the holy man, looked familiar…



  1. Frank Apostol says:

    Jeane,I would very much like to see that speech by Seagal.
    I too have been told that I should be careful about the way I talk about the energy situation and the amoral executive hierarchy of the corporate world. And my frequent references to the congress of the U.S. as the largest horehouse on the planet. You see I am not given to euphamisms.

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