‘Shake down tycoons’ to help Tesla Memorial Society

Thomas Valone is asking energy news groups to help Nikola Tesla’s last close living relative to keep the non-profit Tesla Memorial Society alive. Valone, a PhD engineer and president of Integrity Research Institute, Washington DC,  http://www.teslamemorialsociety.org/ says Tesla’s relative William Terbo is interested in Valone’s proposed “three-prong attack on the kingpins who made big money off of Tesla, as explained on page 23 of (Valone’s) book, Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature: Tesla’s Science of Energy.”
“We have a window of opportunity to accompany Bill as we visit Westinghouse, GE, and the J.P. Morgan foundation which gave away $10 million in 2010 to nonprofit organizations.” To show what each of these companies owe Tesla today, Valone listed dollar amounts in his book as he wrote in detail about the ways in which the companies had taken advantage of Tesla and his inventions.
Tesla was an electrical genius who brought us the system of AC power that we use today, and he deserved much better treatment from the “tycoons” than he received. Valone says Tesla spent the last 40 years of his life in financial poverty but he was too much of a gentleman to hold a grudge.
In his autobiography, Tesla wrote that he was unwilling to give small-minded and jealous individuals the satisfaction of having thwarted his efforts. “My (Wardenclyffe) project was retarded by laws of nature. The world was not prepared for it. It was too far ahead of time. But the same laws will prevail in the end and make it a triumphal success.”
Valone believes it’s an easy sell to embarrass Westinghouse, General Electric and the J.P. Morgan Foundation into setting the record straight for historical and ethical reasons. Today he put out a call on Facebook: “Let me know if anyone is interested in pursuing this heroic mission.”





  1. jim oaksmith says:

    I would do anything to help preserve the legacy of my hero Nikola Tesla. Huge bonus if it shames jpm!

  2. Dr.EDSON JOHNSON D.D. says:



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