Sobering predictions about dark energy and near future

A friend who is a nuclear physicist, military officer, concerned father and longtime researcher/ supporter of the advanced-energy inventors wrote a website post about activities in our solar system from now until 2015 or so. See the post at

He is in contact with researchers who collect data on the universal background energy which some are calling dark energy. They report that the availability of dark energy or longitudinal energy is lessening.

I’d like to hear from other experimenters who operate advanced-energy inventions that tap into a previously unrecognized source of energy. Years ago when I was visiting a maverick scientist named Herman and his daughter near Detroit, he said that what he called “orgone”, or the life force energy in the atmosphere, was less available to his experiments ever since a nuclear power plant in his region had had problems, or ever since the plant was built and its “normal” emissions began to affect the surrounding atmosphere. That visit was in the early 1990s so I can’t give any more detail, and I’ve lost touch with Herman M.

Returning to the June 10 2011 online article that I began telling you about:  “…Humanity and other life on Earth will need protection from the solar radiation and charged particles that will be bombarding the Earth’s surface during this transitionary phase of Earth’s evolution.  The solar maximum of the current solar cycle will occur within this period, and will be greater than current solar cycle predictions would suggest.  These predictions do not take into account the effects that this minimum dark energy density will have on the sun. “

Bottom line according the article: “As early as mid-2012, declining dark energy levels will be insufficient to buffer and stabilize the Earth’s magnetic field; and solar output will become erratic by that time, as well.”

He wraps it up with advice that’s wise no matter what happens. The advice includes protecting and storing heirloom organic seeds for medicinal plants and food crops, and learning how to help your family survive in any setting.

“Engage in active prayer and meditation individually and with family/friends.  Learn to breathe deeply, eat healthy, and maintain a healthy state of mind through laughter and light-hearted spiritedness.  Several years will transpire before the Earth and its inhabitants recover from this event.”

My own comment is that I hope humankind will see the pattern  — realize that just as the harmful solar radiation harms the subtle energetics on Earth, so does radiation from unwisely chosen energy technology (nuclear fission). Let’s get involved as citizens choosing the safest cleanest small-is-beautiful types of energy technologies in order to secure a better future for when the dust settles!



  1. This is rivetting information, Jeane, and very sound advice, as well. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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