Steorn’s energy-tripling unit baffles experts?

In case you haven’t been following the Irish company Steorn, there’s a YouTube video briefly filming two engineers and a physicist — three of the people who tested Steorn’s “evaluation model” of an energy converter that seems to tap into a previously-unknown source of energy.

The facial expressions of the three highly-credentialed testers say it all without the need for words — caution, bafflement, perhaps even embarrassment going on inside the one who doesn’t speak out strongly. After all 308 per cent over-unity (three times more energy output than input) is impossible, according to their conventional education and training.  They seem to be more enlivened when asked about the implications of such technology.

Thanks to Esa Ruoho for the link. I know this isn’t breaking news, but if you haven’t been following Steorn I recommend you have a look.



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