Steorn’s Orbo is not a joke

Why today, of all days, did the high-profile Irish company make a double announcement? Steorn launched its online SKDB — Steorn Knowledge Development Base — on April Fool’s Day and therefore fed the career skeptics more ridicule fodder.

The company also announced today that it has a solid-state – no moving parts – version of its Orbo technology. The Irish are known for having a lively sense of humor, butI’m assuming that today’s announcement is no joke.
Before I get to what they’ve done right, which is a lot, I have to complain about their inadequate explanation: “Orbo is controversial – it is an ‘over-unity’ technology, meaning that it produces more energy than it consumes.”
Why, oh why, can’t they word it more accurately? “Produces” can be read as meaning “creates”, and nothing physically creates energy. Instead they could say an ‘over-unity’ technology means that it converts more energy than it consumes from measurable input. It converts a previously-unknown form of energy into energy that can do work for us.

Enough of my Words R Us picky-picky. With SKDB, I think Steorn is making a great use of the collaborative web software that allows online forums’ members to “use, adapt, and share contributions with other engineers, developers and enthusiasts around the world.”

They’re charging a total of 419 Euros per member for SKDB membership and developer license, but I see that as fair and just. The company has itself obviously plowed a lot of money into the sophisticated website as well as into developing its new energy technology. Why not set a monetary value on the privilege of learning about Orbo and related science and perhaps be on an Orbo-related engineering team as well as the opportunity to take a role in its commercialization ?

This is the beauty of the Internet – smart people from all over the world can share, edit and store documents online, browse others’ information, create discussions and blogs and work together in project groups.
I think Steorn is making a smart choice by having its new SKDB be “the environment for the Orbo energy revolution.”


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