still missing Gene Mallove — scientist, Infinite Energy publisher and friend

This month I’ve done a lot of looking-back. It’s been five years since the news hit the media — physicist and cold-fusion proponent Eugene Mallove, Ph.D. was brutally murdered. When the shock of that terrible news began to subside days later, we looked around and saw colleagues retreating in fear. They feared that if they too fiercely challenged the energy establishment, they would meet a similar fate. (Keep in mind that the murder case hasn’t been solved; we might never know the answers.) However, other colleagues vowed to work even harder to bring clean low-cost energy abundance to the people of Earth. “We’ll carry on, in memory of Gene!”

And they have indeed made progress. Today I heard that the U.S. Department of Energy is inviting scientists in the Low Energy Nuclear Reaction (“cold fusion”) field to submit proposals for funding of their projects. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars or even a total of $20 million that could go to develop a commercial model of a little heater that puts out ‘way more heat energy than the tickling of electrical energy that gets it started. Gene would be delighted. In fact, I can see his smile in my mind’s eye…



  1. Michael R. Himes says:

    LENR to do what with heat? How to make it a useful energy producer efficiently and cost effectively is not a separate issue. LENR with no. 1 file status at the DOE does nothing to gain a return on public funding of theoretical research. This is only one step into the Tar Pit of fossil fuel status quo legislation that will keep LENR “On Hold” for eternity.

    It can be argued that a mixed basket of energy will emerge with new LENR heat converted to steam driving steam generators. Thus concieved, the LENR today offers no competitive advantage over existing and more profitable energy and is doomed to minor if any wide application.

    The recent discussion in Congress on Global Warming briefly touched upon nuclear solutions and tabled the discussion with comments about nuclear not being a renewable source of energy. No insite about LENR fusion or it’s low cost efficient power applications but only classic “No Nuke” in my backyard hysteria.

    The idea that, “The birds and bees do not have nuclear power and why should we?” Well… if researched ….we live in a nuclear universe. Like it or not!

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