Success for Kickstarter drive

This morning’s email contains a celebratory message from the Ultimate Energy Showdown filmmakers mentioned in previous post:

“Yeah! We did it!
Thanks to everyone, and especially Whole Systems Foundation and New Energy Movement, for putting us over the top on our Kickstarter drive. We are finding that everywhere we go people are excited to hear about Ultimate Energy Showdown and think its the right idea for the right time. As much as we feel saddened about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we know things like that can catalyze the nation to take bold action and in this case that’s what’s needed in the energy sector. For us the key is to now publicize the efforts in the media of scientists and inventors who are on the leading edge of new energy research and development so they can get the necessary venture capital and government backing AND so the general public can be prepared to confidently purchase these new products when they reach the market.
Keep up the push and we will too.

Chris, Matt, Carter and the rest of the team



  1. Jeff Smathers says:

    I would like to nominate as a candidate system
    the Tariel Kapanadze/Tesla energy conversion system where JL Naudin has been demonstrating the operation on his open source website.

    Thanks and good luck!

    Jeff Smathers

  2. John N. Barker says:

    I am looking for a survey course that can be presented in 5 2-hour blocks subject: New Energy Inventions in our Near Future. Audience would be jr college continuing education/mature learners, including some who have taught science. Anybody who has or can create same pls email me. Thanks.

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