Tesla coils for entertainment on America’s Got Talent

The photo at left is a small Tesla coil built by Vancouver scientist Josef Tyls and demonstrated at a New Energy Movement Canada meeting 2 years ago.  Its discharge was impressive, but the photo doesn’t have sound effects. For the full experience go to YouTube to see and hear ArcAttack, a wild  musical/technological Performance Art group from Austin, Texas, with two macho Tesla coils onstage and a hooded performer in protective mesh outfit in between the coils, dancing with lightning. I hope this fun group uses their fame to inform people about what Tesla could do — beyond throwing bolts of electricity. Later in his life he discovered how to work with what he called Radiant Energy and what some experimenters today call “cold electricity” — a quality of electricity that’s safer and operates quite differently than the relatively coarse type of electricity we use today. It’s good news!



  1. Darrel Tracy says:

    It’s neat to see what the kids are doing.. I paid special attention to the audiences exuberant reaction!!

    I just ran across Steorn Ltd from Dublin, Ireland who is producing a magnetic over-unity device called Orbo Technology. Apparently they had some trouble back in 2007. Tom Bearden gives his (cloak & dagger)synopsis about that here: http://cheniere.nii.net/correspondence/090207.htm

    Here’s two videos on “Steorn Orbo Technology Launch 2009″ and an “Engineers view of the Steorn Orbo Technology” which came out in Dec 2009. It sounds like they have big plans for 2010.


  2. Darrel Tracy says:

    National Public Radio story today about The Future of American Energy. Here’s the link to hear Bill Gates Speak.. Apparently they met with Pres. Obama last Thursday.


    “For the past 30 years, public spending on research and development for clean energy has declined. It’s a situation that some of America’s most important business leaders, like Bill Gates, say must change. So they’ve banded together and formed the American Energy Innovation Council, which released its own energy policy recommendations this past week. Host Guy Raz speaks with Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Xerox CEO Ursula Burns about the details of the report and their prescription for the future of American energy.”

  3. Your response is a total non seuiqtur.I know the book’s online now, but it wasn’t originally. electrostatic effects are shape dependent He was talking about static magnetic effects and anti-gravity effects.He hasn’t done anything yet he writes a book about it, and relates that this person said they did this and that person said they did that, oh try this, oh try that. It is babbling.

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