Tewari begins the Energy Revolution

Paramahansa Tewari n Stefan Marinov002For decades frontier scientists have known it should be possible to tap into the background energy of the space around us, to provide electricity for useful work.

Few people believed them, despite elegant explanations such as the Space Vortex Theory of Paramahamsa Tewari of India. (In my photo from 1987 at the left, Tewari points out a technical paper held by the late Stefan Marinov, while conference attendees in Hannover, Germany, listen attentively.)

Tewari’s super-high efficiency machine  can start the clean-energy revolution. It tested at 238 per cent efficient last November. That means it produced more than twice the amount of electrical power than it needed to start running.

A major manufacturer of AC generators in India duplicated the machine and reported 250 per cent efficiency!

This month could mark the turning point in public awareness. Finally a real over-unity energy prototype from a reputable engineer/physicist has been announced in a mass media venue while established manufacturers are getting ready to produce it.

Before writing about the news, I’ve waited for the go-ahead from the inventor and his American colleague, electrical engineer Toby Grotz. Now I can happily point you to the recent revolutionary advances made by Tewari.

The economics section of the newspaper India Times broke the news big-time on April 7, but a Canadian group Collective-Evolution.com already had an article by Grotz. He’s grateful for their website assistance.

And I’m delighted at this development and grateful to Paramahamsa Tewari for his nearly 40 years of work on the invention and to Toby Grotz for making so many trips to India to test the machine and assist with the project over the past two decades.

A few years ago Tewari said, “I clearly see self running space engines to be the motors and generators in immediate future — ‘space’ engines , because it is ‘space’ that creates electrons. The electrons assemble atoms, and the atoms and the electrons with their mutual electric force produce electric current to give free power, eternally.”



  1. Wow, this is amazing news. It makes sense that the energy of space can be harnessed. How timely that someone realized this and has devoted so many years to bringing it to the world. There is hope!

  2. When I can buy one I will believe it. I can’t tell you how many of these things I see only to never be heard from again. When your ready to sell one please give me a call then I’ll be the first to really believe you.

  3. An american invented this decades ago. An australian invented his and attempted patent about ten years ago. As time goes on, more and more people are discovering this invention. When will governments allow the technology to be released? its clear that its real now.

  4. Bharadwaj says:

    Power Zoomer Generator has now been created in India by my friend and could truly be said as a landmark infinite energy system and can be categorized as the best ever formulated over-unity power generator. It is a renewable, practical, affordable and expandable solution to global electricity needs. This technology integrated automatic power resource in near future can reliably meet 100 percent of our required electricity requirements, and that too from its simple mechanical foundation! The demonstrated proto-type PBG system consists of a 3 phase, 248 volt Hz, AC synchronous generator operating at 50 Hz. State of the art, true RMS meters on the input and output that measured KW, KVA, and power factor confirmed the readings of meters mounted for tests. The efficiency of this innovative device achieved is more than 450 percentages (almost 5 times) and the generator continues to run by itself with excess power being tapped-off to do the work! The system components displayed are tested to meet the engineering design standards usually assigned to such task. Design improvement effort is on and according to the originator team, each PBG machine can produce at least 4.5 times the input and can be configured in a self-running mode.

  5. Thank you for this information! Is it a variation of Mr. Tewari’s invention?

  6. Bruce Cathie ” Harmonic 33 , 695 , et al ”

    Free energy from the cosmos , ours for the wishing.

    Yes ??

  7. Harold Macdonald says:
  8. Ambar Chatterjee says:

    Tewari’s machine is a fallacy. This type of fallacious thinking is common among persons who never understood basic physics. So while the world advances into understanding the nature of space time with Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose, there are those who like Paramhans Tewari bungle ahead without knowing the Special Theory of Relativity or even the difference between a vector and a tensor!

  9. elizabeth donavan says:

    How do I get in touch with Tewari or Toby Grotz about this tech? I have some parties that are interested in developing it.

  10. Harold Macdonald says:

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