Tewari video on gravity control

Toby Grotz also sent a link to a video about Paramahamsa Tewari talking about gravity control in the context of his Space Vortex Theory. The theoretical basis for gravity control and an explanation of the gravity control experiments conducted by Canadian Wilbert Smith were explained by Mr. Tewari in a lecture which can be seen here.



  1. Tewari’s theory is an elegant model of the vortex idea of Aether, rather than the more antiquated, Newtonian concepts. I like this model and similar vortex models, and disagree only with the former idea of the Aether or “spacetime” field being like a non-compressible fluid. My experiments show that electricity can and SHOULD be treated more like a gas which CAN be expanded or compressed, with amazing side-effect. I am so sad that the world has lost another great thinker from the fringes of accepted, official, coal company and royalty-controlled sciencedom.

  2. Thank you for the explanation, John Gay. I’ve been following your Facebook posts also.

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