The Believers is slant of ‘cold fusion’ film

In the fall a film company named 137 plans to bring out a documentary titled The Believers, focusing on Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons’ stories. “The tale includes mystery, scandal, personal tragedy, and scientific wonder.” Since it’s already in production, will the film include the recent successful experiments in Italy? The filmmakers must know about that news, because they are said to have interviewed Dr. Ed Storms when he returned from the ICCF conference in India (ICCF is where scientists share results of their in LENR — low-energy nuclear reaction — experiments).Thanks to Craig Brown’s link, I see a preview of James Martinez’ interview with Storms, written by “rubycarat”. Excerpts of the interview included the fact that the Italian scientists, Rossi and Focardi, found a way of amplifying the LENR effect to a level that the excess heat can be used in industry. Their approach can’t help homeowners until more is known about how to make it perfectly safe. The developers of the discovery can’t do that until they understand completely what’s going on. This is new science!

The reality of LENR has already been proven in numerous laboratory experiments around the world, but the Italian discovery can move the field out of the labs and into the marketplace.

As Dr. Storms said, the much-maligned field has “arrived”, but success arrived in a different vehicle than cold fusion started out in. Pons and Fleischmann started out using deuterium and palladium, “and then Rossi found that it worked quite well in nickel and light hydrogen.” Rossi has a secret method for creating the right conditions in the nickel, and all you do is “add hydrogen to it and it makes huge amounts of energy based upon a nuclear reaction.”

The “if” in the story is that patent offices have to unbend and reverse  their refusal to give patents to anything coming from these new-science processes.  Of course, scientists are always free to disregard protection of their intellectual property and just give their knowledge away. Families and investors understandably don’t want that to happen, however.

The interviewer asked Dr. Storms about newspaper coverage of the Italians’ breakthrough. He said the Swedish, Greek and Italian newspapers showed interest, but American newspapers showed no interest. As with the patent examiners, the media outlets don’t believe it could be real.

The myth that cold fusion couldn’t be real or that if it is real it’s too trivial to do anything important is institutionalized in the USA and a number of other countries, Storms said. But the Italian government believes otherwise. The government in China also sees cold fusion as real, and are doing everything they can to develop practical energy systems with it.

Meanwhile the Italian team is planning to use their discovery as a source of energy in a factory in Greece.



  1. Gary Randall says:

    Is this something that insults the American Super Power Intelligence? If we could not get it to work and we think we are the smartest people around (SUPER POWER) then how could these other people possibly out do us? It will be a sad day for the U.S. if we ignore this technology because we so desperately need a clean safe unlimited source of power to keep this country from going under, will we snub ourselves just because we did not develop it here and keep our people from benefiting from this technology just because of our SUPER EGO? I don’t think it is the scientific community that is to blame it is the business community who can not stand something they can not make hugh profits on.

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