The Granite Man’s liftoff

I’m sorry to say that David Hamel passed away from us a week ago. He was the subject of the book The Granite Man and the Butterfly: The David Hamel Story, which Pierre Sinclaire researched and I finished writing in 1995. Pierre published it through his Project Magnet, which was named for the Project Magnet of the distinguished Canadian Wilbert Smith.

David Hamel was a fiercely independent, obstinate, rough-edged, generous, tough and brave man. He spent the past three decades building models of an advanced technology he was shown in 1976 or so, but the only time he achieved “lift-off” was many years ago in Maple Ridge, BC. At that time an unmanned disk that he had built — and set into oscillation — suddenly built up an ionized glow around itself and shot up into the sky, never to be seen again. David was ticked off because there went all his savings — all the magnets he had bought and the careful machining work…

He so very much wanted to give humankind a source of truly clean energy technology and propulsion. Will anyone carry on his experiments? As far as I can find out, no one in his family is particularly interested in what he was doing. An all-too-common situation. The papers and prototypes just get tossed aside.

I’ll be sending flowers to McConnell Funeral Home in Medoc, Ontario (ph 613-473-2833 if you want to do the same), but I won’t be able to attend the memorial at the cemetery at Gilmore, Ontario, on Saturday October 6.

Happy journeys, dear David, and give your Nora our love as you two souls reunite.



  1. I read your book “The Coming Energy Revolution”. I thought it to be a great work and have passed it along to others. Too bad you did not know about my work on Vapster before going to print.

    Did you see the article in the Washington Post written by Warren Brown on August 26, 2007? The title was “50% MPG Increase that Detroit won’t Touch”

    Hopefully, this technology will not continue to fall on deaf ears. Gerald Rowley

  2. Yes, it’s true, his immediate family doesn’t realize the potential of David’s knowledge, but that is because he has been on his own for a long time, with Nora….seeking the unknown. His family has been out of the picture seemingly for all time.
    It won’t be his immediate family which will carry forward his legacy at the moment (lest it ever should evolve to be that). It will be those who have come to him, stood by him, helped him in all the ways that people have and did. They will continue his work. Those touched by this man’s greatness and his heart.

    The world owes David a debt of gratitude, MORE than than anyone may wish to know. For his work, has secured the future for many, because his work is actually biblical in nature. It is. It is part of the unfolding of the 5th dimension, the ascension, the destination of 2012. It is David’s efforts and his feats which has bridged a gap between us and the ancients (Atlantis and further back). David was and is the conduit for this. That is why we owe more than words can express.

    All those who have met him and researched him and continued his work, and perhaps have stopped being interested and have pursued other interests….well… should turn back now and continue to stay keen on his knowings…for they are your future.

  3. Jean,

    I am sorry to hear of David Hamel’s passing, especially because it seems that his inspired invention has not (yet?) made it into real application or even proper duplication by others.

    But I’m also happy to find your blog and thank you for putting a link to mine.

    I’ll be linking you as well.

    Kind regards

  4. maybe now would be a good time to finally make those david hamel vhs/dvd’s available and thus stop putting money in the coffers of non-david-hamel-people. it appears that david never benefited anything from the sales of such media recordings of his material – so why should the guy who sells them benefit now – now that there is no way anyone related to hamel would receive adequate funding to be able to finish what hamel was building?

    maybe one day..

  5. Hello:
    Whats your feeling about individuals who are hurt by all this high tech gigetry?

  6. Michael R. Himes says:

    Ones feelings about “gigetry” might be hurt via the pocket book and the impact technology change brings about but otherwise emulsional stability is a personal thing. I would imagine the wheel caused some consternation and adjustment. Having ones feelings run over by a wheel is hardly any worse than a horse stepping on your foot.

  7. Michael R. Himes says:

    The passing of David Hamel is sad but ionic propulsion is not dead by a long shot. Eletrogravitics via asymmetrical capacitors in disk array pulsed sequentialy with 1000 Volts of 2o micro second frequency should cause rapid ascent on ion thrust…..the control issue needs work….still….

  8. Excellent article with lots of good info. It is people like you who inspire me to go on.

  9. Re: Whomever created the comment that this was an excellent web site really needs to possess their brain reviewed.

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