Thrive – film premiere, month from now

One month from now is 11-11-11 and the date that the documentary Thrive will be released.

The film’s trailer evokes memories. It’s been a few years since Nassim Haramein, over lunch in Ashland, Oregon, invited me to visit a temporary film studio set up in the nearby town of Medford where his part of the forthcoming movie was to be filmed, and to meet the visionary who was directing the project — Foster Gamble.

In that cavernous studio the next day, I had a premonition that the project would be a world-changer. Much more to it than just money going toward creating a top-quality production; you could also sense that it was a labor of love.

The film has luminous graphics explaining how nature is embedded with limitless energy. My friend John Wong after viewing the trailer summed up his impression of Thrive: “a film we’ve been waiting for, combining science, consciousness, and social activism.”

The trailer features the eloquent scientist Adam Trombly whom I first interviewed in Germany in 1987 (when neither of us had silver hair), and also includes other courageous people whose paths I crossed over the years  — Catherine Austin Fitts, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Steven Greer, David Icke, Daniel Sheehan and of course Brian O’Leary.

The ‘free-energy’ topics and some of the people in the film are also introduced in our book Breakthrough Power, so I’m delighted on that count.

More importantly, Thrive covers a wider range of topics that no other film has had the courage to tackle. So I’ll do my little bit to spread the word about this potentially paradigm-changing documentary. It has the benefit of public relations professionals obviously, but every additional bit of buzz helps.


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