University techies viewed self-powered magnet motor

This is not brand-new news, but this spring I overlooked (thanks for the reminder, Frank F.) posting anything about Muammer Yildiz,  inventor, his Magnetic Monopole Motor and his demonstrations in Germany and in the Netherlands. I think this slightly aged news is important; see for yourself:



  1. MICHAEL R. HIMES says:

    How much torque is produced under load on the rotary device? A Dynamometer test would help establish the actual work potential of the device. There needs to be tests to prove the device is not tied to the Earth Dipole Oscilation (Schumann’s Resonance). Much work needs to be done before commercial applications of this device reach world markets.
    The idea is old but this refinement may prove to be useful given the increased Oscilation Frequency of the Earth’s Dipole in recent years. For these reasons I have reservations about Free Energy claims.

  2. Unfortunately, this is most like a scam operation. I’ve had several people post comments who have had past dealings who say as much. And the demonstrations typically don’t last longer than 10-15 minutes — not long enough to rule out a hidden battery. See our coverage along with comments at

  3. so when can i have one ??

    I have seen this device demonstrated on 2 occasions now in Holland and Germany.

    Common guys release it

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