Walter Russell viewed hydrogen differently

Did geniuses of the past foresee a more harmonious science for our future? Dale Pond believes that Tesla, J.W. Keely and Walter Russell were such geniuses. Editing and going through his immensely rich website SVPwiki this week, Dale discovered “finds” such as a quote from the late Walter Russell on the nature of water and its two elements, hydrogen and oxygen. Russell said they are not liberated from water but are manufactured during the electrolysis process! Dale says, “I agree with Russell but have not yet fully wrapped my mind around his ideas.” See .

Walter Russell was born in 1871 and became a famous painter, sculptor, author and architect. He had a lengthy mind-blowing revelation at one point in his life and spent the rest of his life doing experiments to prove or disprove the radically different cosmology he was shown and express it in paintings and writings. New-energy researchers are still studying his unified theory in physics and gaining insights about emerging science. Russell said the universe is based on “rhythmic balanced interchange”. He elaborated on the theory, especially in his books The Secret of Light and The Message of the Divine Iliad, but it hasn’t been accepted by mainstream scientists. He and his wife Lao founded the University of Science and Philosophy. When Dr. Russell died in 1963, national television news commentator Walter Cronkite referred to him as “… the Leonardo da Vinci of our time.”



  1. m. thompson says:

    “.. hydrogen and oxygen. Russell said they are not liberated from water but are manufactured during the electrolysis process!”

    I haven’t followed Russell’s thoughts enough to gain a working understanding of his basic concepts; however, it is interesting to note that Schauberger claimed plant roots ‘manufactured’ water. I tend to believe he was probably correct. While much of Schauberger’s early works can also be seen in some of Tesla’s works – both of which seem related by a common heritage of ancient traditional knowledge, all great men have their own area of understanding. Schauberger’s dealt with water, in that realm he has been unequaled, and I, for one, would not challenge his insights.

  2. THOMAS MARTIN says:

    I believe rock deep underground produces water in a similar fashion.
    Thom in Scotland.

  3. we already know that as decomposition begins radiation is at work. As Walter Russel has already stated that when this begins the organic material changes from one state to another, so my comment is to Mr. Thomas Martin in which I agree that as a rock breaks down under pressure it makes water hence the reason water is full of minerals our organic (carbon) bodies need to retain life. I believe he said maybe we should figure out how the apple came to be on the tree not what happens when the apple falls from the tree. It has been several years since I have read it but it makes perfect sense.

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