Weather experimenters

Thoughts from the road: The knowledge of the wonder-full emerging sciences should indeed be in everyone’s hands, but actual experimentation on the atmosphere should be relegated to those who have broad, deep extensive understanding of what they are working/playing with. That’s my opinion.



  1. We believe in what you’re doing, Jeane. Please keep up the good work!

  2. Ancient Indians knew how to shape energies for a partilcular purpose, like sound and light energies which are measurable, but the shaped energy forms are not measurable but produce intended effects. Some call it black or white magic in olden times. Different methods are used and these are found in many palf-leaf manuscripts found today. These are scientific phenomina and not magic as we know today.

    Present science is based on matter which is premitive as far as ancients who based their science on energy are concerened. This is just to provoke your thoughts.

    Human mind seems to have the power to create.

    From India.

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