Weather Rangers and global life-force patterns

Weather control is in the news, and I have a dissident opinion. While I appreciate the humanitarian motives and extensive experimentation by a David Wells as reported on PESwiki, I don’t agree with the writer who said this knowledge should be in everyone’s hands. Nor do I agree that weather professionals are the best choice as decision-makers on how this technology should be used, when and where.

Weather professionals have for decades been dismissing the science of orgonomy – the study of the LIFE FORCE in the atmosphere. Whenever a “cloud-buster” operator contacted weather bureaus or scientific agencies about his successes in stopping a local drought, the letter went into the wastebasket. They relegate it to the ridicule bin.

It’s a question of old-paradigm mechanistic science vs. the new/ancient vitalistic worldview which does recognize the reality of life-force energy. Experiments with atomic bomb tests in the past, and today’s nuclear power plant emissions, have a deadening effect on that atmospheric energy according to unorthodox observers/experimenters. They seek to first understand Earth’s systems like an acupuncturists understands the flows of energy in the human body. Blocked energy can be released by someone who has studied those flows extensively and isn’t just getting results haphazardly.

I’ve been told that only a relatively small number of peopl on Earth understand the global energetic movements of the life force energies in the atmosphere. That energy is called “orgone” by students of the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich. I’m told that already too many Cloudbuster Cowboys are aiming their pipes at the sky. They get results, perhaps rain — without knowing what they’re doing in the big picture.

It’s certainly possible that the machine mentioned in the PESwiki article emits beams which interact with the weather. Who should be advising these experimenters? I think the whole human family needs an emergency team of aware and ethical scientists to study the subtle-energy or scalar-energy or “life-force” possibilities which most weather professionals are not prepared to look at.

If you read our book Breakthrough Power,, you’ll know that I want the grassroots, the everyday people to have knowledge of breakthrough energy systems. We’re particularly interested in those devices which can be built by a skilled garage tinkerer. So also with “Weather Rangers”, I agree that we shouldn’t leave this important area of science to be taken over and hidden in the black-budget world.

The sciences that are emerging out of the dark can give humankind wonder-full gifts. It’s a responsibility and a joy to learn about the shining possibilities that newly discovered and re-discovered knowledge can bring to the people.

To further explain what I’m talking about, I wish there were a definitive book that I could refer you to. Dr. James DeMeo has an institute of orgonomy in Oregon which has advanced some of the knowledge of Wilhelm Reich’s work. A researcher named Joel Carlinsky has done a lot of writing about the need for oversight (that is, only ecology-and-orgone-knowledgeable people who know what’s going on energetically in the atmosphere be allowed to do the weather modification.)

Here’s the ecology angle: experimenters should know the life cycles of the native plants and animals as well as natural weather patterns of the area they would be affecting. In other words, don’t flood sensitive ecosystems at the wrong time of year.

Apparently Dr. Reich greened a desert in Arizona – not with rain particularly, but by creating an energetic situation that caused latent vegetation to grow and bloom. Hmm. It’s all very far out, but I hope the human family will turn toward this body of knowledge.
Right now I’m packing for 10 days of travels; maybe I’ll get a chance to do more posting on this topic while on the road.



  1. Pafumi Sylvain says:

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  2. I am making orgone pucks per Sherry Shriners instructions. I would like to be involved in combatting the bad guys and would relish any good information I could get on the subject.

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