Where are the English subtitles?

I rented the film Out of the Void from Vimeo. It was worth the $7 for me, but mainly for the footage about P. Tewari during the last half of the film. The first 53 minutes was in the German language and unfortunately I’m uni-lingual.

A recent email from Toby Grotz highlighted two of the scenes significant to an electrical engineer: first, the tests of Tewari’s Reactionless Generator conducted by utility engineers including Murlidhar Rao, former technical director of the Karnataka Power Corporation.

Next, the over unity test results are confirmed at the Kirloskar Electric Ltd. factory where the vice president, factory manager and lead electrical engineer discuss their own replication of the device and over unity test results!

Visuals of Schappeller’s drawings, and of Claus Turtur’s (tapping raum-energie–space energy?) demonstration, in the first half of film were interesting though, and the Schappeller drama was visually interesting.

I’m slightly editing a comment I made in the previous blogpost about the press release, because Paramahamsa Tewari did himself say in the film “…More power can be produced than what is put into the system.” (And that includes input from the “aether”.)
Previously I’d known him to be mostly cautious publicly about the wording and only say that his invention is very efficient. However he never hesitates to talk about the source of excess input — the “aether” or surrounding space.


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