why fight for new energy, clean power sources

After uprooting my home office and relocating yet again, I’m back in time to wish a belated happy new year to you.
The gifts hidden in this time of unsettling changes are the opportunities for personal spiritual growth/unfoldment and for societal transformation. Sounds too woo-woo? I’ll bet you’ll see it differently a year from now.
Returning to my usual topics, my New Year’s resolution is to blog regularly about what’s happening in the global “new energy” scene. (My friend Michael won’t believe that until he sees me stick to my resolution week after week for months at a time.)

Let’s begin with the motive – why to passionately care about replacing dirty fuels with fuel-less new power sources. We could look in any direction – toward Canada’s infamous tar sands, or the moonscapes in Appalachia where corporations blast forested mountaintops into oblivion to get at coal, to Chesapeake Bay where radioactive products leaking from nuclear reactors relentlessly seeping closer to the bay, or to faraway deserts where our young people lost their lives in wars about oil. Or to Africa’s Niger delta where Shell Oil is shamelessly polluting the landscape and wrecking local food supplies. Here’s a trailer for a new film called Sweet Crude: 

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  1. for jeane — i’m trying to connect w/you, only had yr ancient eddress (sympatico.ca) wch no longer exists …

    would you please send me a current eddress? i very much need to pick yr brain on something recent … thanks very much, and i DO hope this gets to you!

    thanks a bunch,

    – ilyes (TheCropCircles and ‘harps’)

  2. Hey, nice post.

    I’m waiting for the next one 10 days and counting…. :-)

    Your Friend,

    PS You can do it…I believe in you. ;-)

  3. I don’t think fuelless solution is a better solution. Battery is also a source of pollution. I can’t imagine what happen when all people start to use electric car which use a lot of battery. Imagine if people start replacing their battery each year or two because John Bedini charger technology not being accepted by mainstream yet. A pile of lead or even more dangerous chemical dump to our soil….

    I think ammonia is better solution. Can be made from air with solar/wind/tidal wave electricity. As safe as gasoline without carbon emission.

  4. Sorry it took me so long to reply to any posts. I’m writing an article about Nelson Camus; will post after it’s published in a magazine.

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