Wild West new-energy scene is just a stage

wild westChaos is OK; it’s half of nature’s perpetual cycles between order and disorder.

That was one of today’s messages from speakers at the 2016 Global BEM conference. The comment was in response to concern about what New Energy Movement executive director Susan Kornacki has termed the “Wild West” state of disorder– a lack of agreed-on standards and organization–  in the larger breakthrough energy scene.

One speaker noted that even the computer research-and-development arena in California was in a state of chaos and competition in its early days, before its center of activity became world renowned as Silicon Valley.

The breakthrough-energy revolution is in its infancy. However it can mature quickly when the right inventions are released free to the public. And one of the speakers, Mike Upstone, expects that it won’t “lift off” in the USA or the UK, but instead in a developing country that’s not chained to the carbon-fuel industry.

Meanwhile, what can we the people do? “Make it our intention…” A consciousness revolution must come first, before corporate secrets will be replaced by sharing among the people.

Geoffrey Miller, when asked about antigravity possibilities, suggested the average person isn’t emotionally and spiritually ready to handle something like a personal flyer that can shoot up into the atmosphere. “We can barely handle ourselves on the 1-95 in cars.” Instead, he said, getting funding for developing Mike Waters’ invention of a Vertical TakeOff and Landing craft could be a transition plan. (Mike Waters will be a Global BEM conference speaker tomorrow, Sunday.)

A lively panel discussion mentioned energy breakthrough research in Japan, China, Australia and other countries in addition to the USA. Healing devices and the role of music were also explained. I was pleased to see my friend Karen Elkins, publisher of the online Science to Sage magazine, in the speaker lineup today.

Vernon Roth still had high energy for that evening event, even though he had been Master of Ceremonies all day as well as giving a fascinating presentation.

I’m watching the 2-day conference on Livestream from the comfort of my home. That has advantages, although you miss the valuable one-on-one conversations among participants and attendees.

(Photo credit Boston Public Library, Creative Commons)



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