XS-NRG Prize, Xtreme Science Foundation deserve world-class volunteers

Separating wheat from chaff, segregating truth from tall tales. It takes powerful filters to cleanse the free-energy field and eliminate any fraudsters. Such a filter has been proposed, and I’ll get to that in a minute.

You’ve probably heard about revolutionary “free” energy machines or cancer curing treatments, etc, reported  over the years. Those who decided to investigate either the field of exotic energy research or alternative medicine have been  surprised at how many such claims exist that have never reached mainstream media. Some are made/supported by qualified people who would normally know exactly what they’re talking about, and the consequences they’re exposing themselves to from the guardians of conventional science, for making/supporting such “impossible” claims.

Some of these discoveries are so revolutionary that they will change our way of living in a profound way, if just a few of the claims are proven to be real. Since many are not just theoretical ideas but are already brought to the stage of a functioning device, wouldn’t any decent person on this planet want to know the truth about these breakthrough technologies?Extracting free energy directly from the quantum vacuum (a source physicists call zero-point energy, ZPE for short) would not only free our society from the fossil fuel addiction and immediately help our global warming problem, but also turn upside down the traditional utility business and make fossil, nuclear and even the new alternative energy industries almost obsolete in a short time. Our transportation system (on land, water, air and interplanetary space travel) will experience a total revamp, since antigravity effects seem to be strongly correlated with ZPE/vacuum energy extraction technologies. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of the fundamental shift– in the world’s socio-political and economic balance of power — created by the wide and massive introduction of such revolutionary devices, if and when brought to a market ready stage.

Science will have to re-examine and expand fundamental concepts that underlay the current theoretical framework; concepts that declare such technologies are impossible i. The same goes for alternative medicine. Energy-medicine technologies for example can quickly, simply and cheaply cure a number of medical conditions (a number of feared diseases, infectious or not) and bring the body back into balance for optimum health. Of course the entrenched energy (oil & gas, nuclear, utilities, etc.) and health (medical, big pharma, etc) industries will have a hard time surviving in their current form and structure, and not everybody will be happy at first. We don’t have to turn to conspiracy theory to understand why, from a practical point of view, many may have a vested interest in keeping such revolutionary discoveries at bay for now.

That’s why finding the truth must be done by the people of Earth, through an organization that has legitimacy and sufficient resources to keep itself independent and free to serve the truth and nothing but the truth in the quest to accelerate human evolution. It won’t be easy, but it can be done and it should be done — by the truth seeking, forward looking people who can and want to make a difference now.

Such an organization is the key to separating the truth from the tall tales and eliminating fraudsters, so that the people will be supporting valid inventions and breakthroughs.

If you listen to the career skeptics you would think that fraudsters rule the field. On the contrary, from long experience I know that in this worldwide network of experimenters working to free us from dirty energy technologies, “bad guys” are a small minority. Trouble is, the bad get an unwarranted percentage of the public’s attention. I don’t need to make a career of exposing them, because public opinion has already convicted them, thanks to the Career Skeptics (definition: people who do media appearances, television segments etc, warning about bad science or con men. It’s an honorable job unless they lose their perspective and refuse to look at the legitimate breakthroughs).

What will most effectively separate legitimate breakthrough inventions from delusions? My friend Vlad is an engineer who has an answer. For many years he’s followed the news of non-conventional energy technologies and studied many of their claims. He is sympathetic to scientists in the “zero-point energy” scene, but as a professional he realizes that they will remain outside of the mainstream support or funding unless the inventions are tested by credible laboratories or institutions and the results honestly and widely publicized.

So he proposes a foundation, the Xtreme Science Foundation, that won’t be beholden to any vested interests; it will be funded by individual citizens’ and progressive organizations’ donations from around the world – donations toward a substantial prize. Bookkeeping will be ongoing and transparent, so that anyone can go to the foundation’s website and see where it stands financially.

The money raised will create the XS-NRG Prize – a considerable amount of assistance to the winner/s with no strings attached. The winner walks away still owning all the rights to do as they wish with their invention, and more than enough money to develop it further. Inventors who enter the process will only have to agree that the findings of the testing of their inventions will be made public. In other words, the results will be announced whether the experts test the invention and find that it doesn’t work, or test it and find that it does indeed put out more power than the operator puts in. The Prize will be awarded every two/three years and, if there are no winners, the donors can withdraw their money — less an agreed-upon modest percentage used to run the foundation — or leave the money in the escrow account for the next prize cycle.

Who will do the testing? That’s the other strength of this plan, in addition to the no-string-attached prize. Vlad recognizes that the media and other influential institutions won’t take a non-conventional energy technology seriously unless it is tested by multiple reputable experts with no vested interest in the outcome. So the Xtreme Science Foundation will use a portion of the accumulated prize fund to pay for such unbiased testing.         

What’s holding up this plan? It needs volunteers to get it going. Vlad has done his part and has neither the time nor the public-relations skillsets needed to create the foundation. I’ve been friends with Vlad and his wife for years, and I know he has nearly burned out from all that he’s personally contributed to the field. So it’s time for volunteers to come forward – perhaps retired professionals who know how to create a foundation, enlist high-profile supporters and get the word out internationally.

The first need is for a web design company or person able to create a complex functional and attractive website for the Xtreme Science Foundation that can clearly explain to all that may be interested in supporting or joining the foundation what the XSF is actually about. You can contact Vlad through http://www.zpenergy.com.

Please contact anyone whom you know who has the skills, the humanitarian sincerity, credibility and persistence to help with the start-up of the Xtreme Science Foundation. Vlad has thought about this for many years and is available with a detailed plan for how it can work.  



  1. Jeane Manning
    Your book, Breakthrough Power came into my hands and I have enjoyed reading Part One. I am not a physicist or an engineer. I discovered Energy Fields around my patients as a practicing chiropractor many years ago and re-designed my practice solely to influence their Bio-Energy Fields by applying my own Energy radiation, to bring them back to health. This sparked my own personal research and reading for over 40 years. A few years ago I wrote and published a portion of a larger manuscript as Vibrational Vitality; The Rainbow of Your Bio-Energy Field and its Healing “Pot of Gold”. The full manuscript is now finished called Your Bio-Energy Field; Key to Healing, Vitality & Self-Awareness. It has not been published yet.
    I’m sure you can see the parallel between my interest/ career and your own, which is why I am moved to connect with you.
    Since the mid 1990s my practice has been in Vancouver, where I understand you live also. My wife and I now live close to the City in Tsawwassen.
    Congratulations and good fortune in your work, Jeane! There are many political and financial forces against new energy inventions, amongst the faint cries for ‘green’ we hear from many quarters, but there is another force supporting our work too not to be underestimated.

    Ronald Polack

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think this article you co-authored


    shows the credibility about your “reporting.”

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