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Susan-Kornacki-Portrait-Round-320x320One of a number of insightful speakers scheduled for the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference (at Bastrop Conference Center near Austin, Texas, May 28-29) is Susan Kornacki. She’s the New Energy Movement’s new executive director. For a glimpse of what she has to say, check out the video of a recent panel discussion she organized and chaired in California.

The male participants on that panel at the New Living Expo in San Mateo — Andrew Murray, Andrew Mount and Rolland Gregg– were well-chosen for their variety of experiences. And their integrity. The panel “walked the talk” by being collaborative. They’d obviously put their heads and hearts together beforehand to decide how to “show up,” and then continued to be supportive of each other. It was a welcome change from the sights and sounds of competitive egos that has been all too common.

The panel was indeed a realistic discussion of the current state of New Energy technologies and their implications for humanity. I could make several blogposts about this and still not cover all the highlights! But you can meet Susan Kornacki and many other fascinating people at the Global BEM conference– soon!





  1. I had the honor and great pleasure to be part of the first BEM Conference in 2013. I was deeply impressed by all the wonderful people I met there. And I wish you a very successful conference next weekend (28. May 2016, which is actually my birthday). I hurried very much to release my latest article on the subject of free energy, because I want to dedicate it to all this great people, which are part of this movement. The big goal is to find a definition which clarifies Cause, potential change, action and inaction, effect and purpose of this universal phenomena. Some small steps can be found in the latest article “Energy per environment”. But you would give me a birthday present if you read the 3 articles prior to it beforehand, because they should tune you in. I hope you can bare my English because I am a native German speaker.

    Have a very successful conference!
    Rainer Ottenweller

  2. Thank you Rainer; I will read your articles. If you’re in Germany in early September, you might want to attend a breakthrough-energy conference near Munich. I will be speaking there. It’s Sept. 10 & 11 at the following hotel>
    Adolf & Inge Schneider from Zurich are organizing it. I don’t have their website URL though.

  3. Rainer, I only found two articles on the page – Survival on Planet Earth, and The Physical Forces of Earth.
    I like your thoughts, and the visuals on the page.

  4. Dear Jeane,
    thanks for your answer. I definitely have to make it to be there.
    Much fun and success in Austin!
    I changed the menu this morning and under the button earth you find the remaining articles now. The article with the title “Energy per environment” is the one.
    Much Love

  5. Dear Jean,
    how was the conference? I assume very exciting!
    I wrote 3 more articles during that time, which may be of some help for future actions. See also both articles about mankind.
    Kind Regards

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