‘zero-point energy’ came through for Win L.

I asked a member of Win Lambertson’s support group – his friend John B. who received weekly reports year after year about the zero-point energy project — if he believed that Dr. Lambertson ever succeeded in getting an energy gain of “over unity” with what he called his E-dams. (Over unity is an expression meaning that energy output is more than the measurable energy input, and would mean that the electronic device was tapping into a previously-unrecognized source of energy.) John wrote me today that he found the report that documents the answer to my question. John quoted from it:

“E-DAM CONSTRUCTION AND CERTIFICATION by Wingate A. Lambertson, PhD September, 2004. Abstract Details are described of the E-Dam used in the WIN Method for zero-point energy collection. My certifier, known as John-2, has measured a yield of 153 percent on a recent E-dam. It should be possible to increase this substantially in the expansion of my research by others.”

John (whom Win referred to as John-1) reports that the rest of the report contained technical detail, including what instruments were used to measure the output, and a copy of the instrument reading.
He noted that “John-2” worked for the Navy and used their test equipment for his certification.

So yes, Win Lambertson was successful obtaining an energy gain of over unity, John reports. He thinks that Win might have had such a success a number of times. “Seems like he was continually frustrated by failures of the jury-rigged equipment he was using, including his measuring equipment, but I never heard him say ‘quit.’ When we started in 1972 or 73, he told me he would have the program wound up in about 6 months.” Instead he worked on it until he and his wife moved back to Kentucky in 2009.

“I think if he could have brought his garage with him he would have been building new E-dams and running tests the day he died. He never ran out of new ideas for improvements.”



  1. Frank Apostol says:

    I have read three of your books, the last one being, Breakthrough Power,and I have recommended all of the three books to several people.
    It is people like you, who are making a major contribution to our eventual atainment of the satisfaction of our right to the energy technology that is already available. You and I both know what the hold-up is.
    Keep up the good work Jeane, and may the Gods be with you.

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