Expo 2017 future energy International Women’s Forum

Astana-2017-02I’m heading to an adventure–all expenses paid trip to Expo 2017 to be on a panel discussion (participants mostly from Asian and European countries) as part of an International Women’s Forum. Kazakhstan is hosting Expo 2017 and its theme is Future Energy. Tomorrow I fly to Calgary, Frankfurt and then Astana, capital of Kazakhstan 24 hours after I leave BC.

I like the fact that Kazakhstan’s government dismantled former Soviet nuclear weapons, and is pushing for more women in government and politics.

As for the architecture using classical geometries, I agree with the view that Astana is what happens when a team of top architects gets free rein to do their thing—build a brand new capital city on an unlimited budget. Architects such as Sir Norman Foster and Kisho Kurokawa used elements of Greek, Egyptian and Arabic design.

Looking forward to the Future of Energy discussion!


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